Friday, December 14, 2007

Ummm - if you read this . . . .

Union Cafe closes at 3pm on Fridays - new management is supposed to be developing fun stuff I guess later - so I will be at Pierpont's. Sorry the late notice - I'm really only expecting XO, so if anyone else is comin . . . meet me there! (I'll buy you a martini if you show!)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

School is cool.

Finished my final last night - a little too fast, but I'm confident I did pretty well (except the extra credit - does anyone know what a situs is - no googling it either!). Also did my presentation - my professor made fun of my board, but its all good - I knew he would. Very nice end to a semester that has kinda knocked me out.
Vincent Gauthier was the professor for my class. He is the director of the Port Authority here in Kansas City (yes - we have ports, people!) and also a developer and historic preservationist (the Premiere Preservationist in KC if you ask him). Quite fabulous, though, and the class is great. If you have any interest in the city and how development deals are put together or just need an excuse to grill the greasy developers, bankers, and lawyers who he brings in to class every week - I highly advise you to take the class - Urban Redevelopment. For fun. For real. Do it.
After class - my friend Darren2 and I went to go see Jeff and Vida (only have Safari on this computer so can't add the link right now - it's at Davey's Uptown. Check em out - they rock! Another professor of mine, Jacob Wagner, was playing the mandolin with them - it was quite fabulous . . . Got a little tipsy off the $1.50 house beers and talked a little too much. Had a contest with this big dude to see who had the saddest song - I think I won on vocal quality alone. =) But Jacob is yet another wonderful asset to UMKC and to Kansas City. He is a consummate planner, a virtual grant magnet, expert on New Orleans and historic preservationist (the Premiere Preservationist in KC if you ask him.) I've only had him for the History of Urban Planning and Design - but have worked with him on other projects and will definitely find out where he's playing next. I highly advise you to do the same as well - and then make him sit and share a Guinness with you and ask him about Kansas City or planning or New Orleans or proper beer mixes - anything - and sit back and learn.
But yeah, that's what I like so much about being in school. The people I have met who are out there doing stuff in the city - and the people who want to so badly. I have so much to learn from all of them . . . classmates, professors, librarians, guest lecturers - even the assholes who throw frisbees at my head as I walk to class . . . I think I'm addicted. My only saving grace is that I hate writing papers - so there will always be that to encourage be to be done already!
I'm just sad that the semester is over - but looking forward to my classes next semester - and being done, finally. Oh, yeah, and starting all over again in the fall! Yipee!! Oh, and applications and personal statements and recommendations galore. OOOOOOOhhhh - gotta go.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Last day of the semester

Okay, so tonight is my last final - and I'm just putting the finishing touches on my board for a presentation and I realize how much it resembles a poster I made for a contest in 3rd grade. But its way to much fun to cut and paste and make pretty drawings then to create everything on a silly computer - and my handwriting is better than any font out there. Will I ever make it in the real world? I don't think I want to, actually, if I have to make things boring to make them presentable. And anyway, I won that freakin poster contest in 3rd grade. Just sayin . . .

Monday, December 10, 2007

If my left leg was Hanukkah and my right leg was Christmas . . .

would you come over to my place and eat between the holidays?

HiYa Folks!! So yeah, been kinda busy of late - traveling here and there, doing school work, being deathly ill - you know, wintery things. . . I've been online intermittently - trying to keep up with everyones blogs as I can - commenting ever so slightly, wishing I could have been at Harvesters and not in Grand Rapids, MI in the middle of a snow storm . . . you know, stuff like that.
But I thought we could meet up this Friday if people are interested - Union Cafe for Happy Hour - there's always room - and the train will still be up and the tree, too. Maybe I can fenagle (don't know how to spell that word, but it's super cute this way - like a Beagle mix) a sneak peak to the basement as they ready themselves for Bodies Revealed (or whatever dead body exhibit's comin to town). Not an official blogger meetup, but a par-tay for cool people that blog - or read blogs - or know what a blog is - or heard about blogging in Time magazine. And Hanukkah ends tomorrow - so it will be between the holidays - so my invite would be right! And my semester is over on Wednesday, so happy hour will begin at like 11am . . . so anytime after that, you will find me wither upstairs, downstairs, or maybe climbing up the ladder at Pierpont's. The swinging karaoke party will have to wait until January - haven't had time to plan such a fest (maybe we'll make it in February - and I'll have the D dress up in diapers to be our personal little cupid - yeah, that sounds good!) - but still wanted to see you guys before next year. I leave for Florida on the 19th, so if you can't come on Friday, let's find a day to do lunch. =) See you all soon!

I'm taking in all the happenings in Kansas City and saving you all the trouble . . . I'll let you know whether to soak it up or squeeze it out!!