Monday, October 22, 2007

For XO

Did you buy those pants at the NASA gift shop?

'Cause your butt is out of this world!!

My New Friend

I had a very bad day last Wednesday and really needed someone to talk to.

I was in Westport on Thursday looking for that perfect someone and found him right on the corner by the SunFresh. I took him home and no longer had dreads about LSAT scores, lost phones, wet cars, or silly high school girls. With him by my side, I knew everything was going to be all right.

With the right settings, he is all that I need.

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LSAT Score

I didn't post anything after I took my LSAT because I was very upset with my performance on the test. I knew I had done poorly and it was a let down for myself, especially since I had been doing well on my practice tests and am usually a very good standardized test taker. I knew I had done poorly - and the worst part was that I screwed up my favorite section. Got my score this weekend and did even worse than I thought. I told myself that I would not take it again in December - statistics show that scores do not change significantly when taken a second or third time - but I know that sending in an application with my score won't get me into schools that I know would be lucky to have me. =) I mean, I'm doing it for them. Not my ego. I take it knowing I risk maybe fucking up again and having to submit not only one, but two scores that prove my ineptitude - the second one clearly defining not only my lack of reasoning skills but my total rejection of reality as well. But I think it's worth the risk. The section I knew I messed up on - the analytical reasoning (logic puzzles - oh yeah) - had 13 incorrect responses, 12 of which were not answered because of my poor time management and lack of 5-minute warning. This was the second section on my test. In the other 3 sections, I missed 16 total - 12 in the last two sections - AFTER I blew the logic puzzles. And reading my response to the essay portion at the end, I clearly had given up. I don't know . . . I could just say screw it and hope that my GPA is good enough to woo the admissions people to give me a chance, or rely on my personal statement and glowing recommendations . . .

No, I have to take it again. I must. I don't let myself get a 68% on a freakin midterm exam, let alone the 2nd most important test of my life. I'm weak, I know - I let numbers define me. It has plagued me through childhood up through today. Didn't want to post this at all, but forced myself to put it out there . . . 155. My score.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kevin Fox Gotham

Went to see Kevin Fox Gotham at Rockhurst last night. Had to read his book, Race, Real Estate and Uneven Development for a couple different classes for Urban Studies over the years. It's a fabulous book and a must-read for anyone who cares about the development of the Kansas City MSA and its role in the segregation and racial degradation that continues to exist in our city today. But having read his book, attending an event that was geared towards an academic audience, and having basic knowledge of the choices and practices of the real estate industry over the years - such as redlining and blockbusting, which are virtual stars in his book - I was kinda disappointed in the content of his lecture. I have copious notes from the event, and I believe that as long as there are still issues that continue today - somebody better be talking about them - but come on, give us something to think about. Bring something new to the table.
He could have started by saying that the first step to erasing the legacy of state- sanctioned racial segregation is to overcome the 'great hurdles' of eradicating Racially Restrictive Covenants on people's property. I don't get what is so hard about this. I have a lot to learn about deeds, covenants, ownership, etc - I understand that. But houses are bought and sold every day with property rights attached to them - are we saying that these are not ammendable? Are we saying that there is no way around changing such a horrible, hurtful, and degrading choice of a man 75, 100 years ago. Or are we saying it's just not worth it? Shelley vs. Kraemer made these restrictions unenforcible 60 years ago. That changed a whole culture. I just want to change a couple words. And if there are still bigoted bitter home-owners that want to keep these words of hate and intolerance in their land - I want them to have to fight for it.
He did say that the big challenge is to get people to look at our problems of uneven development and segregation of schools as a metropolitan issue rather than a localized, 'urban' problem. He said that all cities in the metro need a housing policy - so that affordable housing, and problems associated with providing it and dispersing it, become that of the whole MSA and not just the already-struggling inner city. He did say that we must be environmentally and ecologically responsible in our development. He did say that people have gotten around illegal racial segregation by holding on the the sanctioned class segregation that is upheld in the suburbs. He said good things. He always has. There was just nothing new.
But I must say it was a damn good book report - and he looked good delivering it. I'd see it again. But would rather a sequel than a re-run. Maybe I'll have to go to New Orleans to get his new shit. Anyone up for a road trip?

Is this black cloud following everyone today?

Today has really sucked. I started out losing my cell phone at the high school - I looked for it everywhere and couldn't find it and finally had to just accept that I had to go on with life without it for the day. Thought I would call it and ask whoever answered it to keep it for me - or turn it in to the office - but my suspicions that I had not yet paid my bill yet were confirmed when I realized it had been turned off. Had to pay the bill online and then wait for my service to be reactivated so that I could call and beg whoever answered to save me from my no-phone-ness. But then remembered that I turned the ringer off this morning before I lost it. My efforts to keep a good outlook have not worked out so well. It was raining like a B today on my way to school - and there was not a parking spot to be found, and I was waiting for like 5 minutes for one car to leave a space and it turned out it was handicapped! Finally found a spot and after my first class, it was nice out so I walked across campus to a meeting (oh, no - I didn't get the umbrella out of my car, silly!) and afterwards found myself with a wall of water to walk through to get back to my car. And I finally got in to find a big puddle in my seat - I left the sunroof glass open - the rain seeped through the canvas cover and was dripping on my head all the way to pick up Elle from school.

I wish I could blame bad luck for this fabulous day - but no, just absent-minded stupidity is all I have to offer. Dang!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

huh-uh, I said poll

Yeah - take my poll - should have my results back in the next 5 days . . . we'll see how accurately I display my intelligence (or lack thereof) in this blog.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Uh . . . do you wanna play tennis?

I'll be the racquet . . . you can just bounce your balls all over my face.

(sorry for two pick up lines in one week - saw this picture and couldn't resist. Don't have time for much else right now.)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's cold.

If you get cold tonight, my thighs make wonderful earmuffs.

Friday, October 12, 2007

It's so true . . .

Your Karaoke Theme Song is "Baby Got Back"

You're a total show off who is willing to risk looking like a fool to get a few laughs.
In fact, you'll go for the cheap laugh if you need to... because it's better than no reaction!

Your friends can count on you to get a party started, and you'll party hard until you can't remember their names.
You're charismatic, charming, and a total character. With or without a few drinks in you.

You might also sing: "I Touch Myself," "Oops I Did it Again," or "My Humps"

Stay away from people who sing: "Candle in the Wind"

Got this from I, Shane - a new addition to my favorites. EMAW has it, too. They're both of the Margaritaville style. So not as fun as me.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


K C neongreen s P O N G E/Jefferson Electric Company

Life is crazy. Good thing my hair's not.

I'm taking in all the happenings in Kansas City and saving you all the trouble . . . I'll let you know whether to soak it up or squeeze it out!!