Monday, October 22, 2007

LSAT Score

I didn't post anything after I took my LSAT because I was very upset with my performance on the test. I knew I had done poorly and it was a let down for myself, especially since I had been doing well on my practice tests and am usually a very good standardized test taker. I knew I had done poorly - and the worst part was that I screwed up my favorite section. Got my score this weekend and did even worse than I thought. I told myself that I would not take it again in December - statistics show that scores do not change significantly when taken a second or third time - but I know that sending in an application with my score won't get me into schools that I know would be lucky to have me. =) I mean, I'm doing it for them. Not my ego. I take it knowing I risk maybe fucking up again and having to submit not only one, but two scores that prove my ineptitude - the second one clearly defining not only my lack of reasoning skills but my total rejection of reality as well. But I think it's worth the risk. The section I knew I messed up on - the analytical reasoning (logic puzzles - oh yeah) - had 13 incorrect responses, 12 of which were not answered because of my poor time management and lack of 5-minute warning. This was the second section on my test. In the other 3 sections, I missed 16 total - 12 in the last two sections - AFTER I blew the logic puzzles. And reading my response to the essay portion at the end, I clearly had given up. I don't know . . . I could just say screw it and hope that my GPA is good enough to woo the admissions people to give me a chance, or rely on my personal statement and glowing recommendations . . .

No, I have to take it again. I must. I don't let myself get a 68% on a freakin midterm exam, let alone the 2nd most important test of my life. I'm weak, I know - I let numbers define me. It has plagued me through childhood up through today. Didn't want to post this at all, but forced myself to put it out there . . . 155. My score.



Dan said...

155 isn't bad - you'll get into UMKC with that, but I agree that you're much more than a 155!!

Shicho said...

well - are you still in the 5 day grace period to cancel your score? if so, do so and retake.

if not, retake - the 20 point upward difference will make you smile. and, yes, I know most schools average the scores, but you will have regained the necessary confidence to hit first year law, where all your friends are actually competitors for moot court, law review and that hot guy with no pesonality but what do you care you have no life...

i know a BOATLAOD of people who have done both with good outcomes.

conversely, i know folks who did not score as well as they had hoped and still went and got their JDs and are quite happy.

consider: what schools do you have your hopes set on and why?

harvard? why, do you plan on a legal career in an old world law firm where family names count more than skill and intelligence?

bc - same same.

in fact, most of the 'top drawer' schools east of the mississippi may be dismissed out of hand unless you plan on politics later in life.

if you simply want to practise law because you believe in it, take your current scores and apply everywhere you've (realisticly)wanted to live - you will be pleasantly surprised.

Sassywho said...

keep your chin up deary, and take again... at least this time you'll have a good idea of how to take it ;-)

GRE for me next month, woot woot.

KC Sponge said...

Thanks, guys.

Dan - I know I could get into UMKC with the score, but I couldn't go on being 68th percentile (maybe it was the lack of Cuban food in my diet.) Oh, my, have to get over it, though - deadline for the December test is 8 days away. I'm gonna kill it. =)

Shicho - considered pulling my score right after I took it, but it would suck not knowing . . . it's way past the 5 days now. The score is really only for me now. Will most likely stay here in KC and go to UMKC or KU. Harvard and BC, UVA and Northwestern would all be really nice to reject, though. =)

Sassy - good to see you're back!! I thought I knew how to take it, did very well on practice tests - on the internet and in the books - but maybe I have lost my edge when I'm under pressure. Have to seek stimulation before the next session!

KC Sponge said...

Oh, and Doc - Dan is out of law school, so the hot guy with no personality is already taken.

Shicho said...

Dan -

"Oh, and Doc - Dan is out of law school, so the hot guy with no personality is already taken."

ouch - that had to leave a mark!

KC Sponge -

see: that confidence is rushing right back!

; ' )

Dan said...

Hey, I'll take being labelled hot by a hot dance instructor any day. If I really were that hot, I'd happily surrender my charming personality.

emawkc said...

Wow, that 155 is 155 points higher than my score!

LawGirl said...

Thanks for sharing your experience. Like a lot of others, I also know what it's like to look at those numbers and feel completely dismayed/shocked. I went through a pretty tough time when I saw my score, too. I thought exactly the same thing--"68th percentile?! That's like a D+!"

But if it makes you feel any better, I was told that most test-takers don't get beyond the 148-152 range so if that's true we're not totally lost, right? :)

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