Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The KU game will be playing at Paddy O'Quggley's tomorrow night during the meetup - good size screens up everywhere (in the restrooms as well, so I'm told) - AND we'll have tables reserved starting at 4 - so KC Bloggers will have some of the best seats at a downtown sports bar if you get your ass down there! (Not that KC trivia, my totally tubular party planning skills, the company of some pretty - ummm . . . quirky? - people and some fantabulously bad karaoke isn't enough to persuade even the faintest of hearts to bring their lovely booties down to the Quig!)

Folks, I'm serious. Get there.

Yes folks, he wrote a song about me.

Forgot to link and introduce my new bloggy friend, Keri Oke - you guys should check out her Lounge and fall in love. She's a cool chick - honest and funny! But anyway, I kinda convinced her to invite me last week to the Rob Thomas concert (oh, I mean Matchbox 20) . . . but things happened and she couldn't get back into town (yada, yada - I think you all just told her that I smell or something and she got scared - thanks a lot.)

BUT, I decided I was going to go anyway. I scalped some tickets off the street and got some kick ass seats (well, actually only one - but kick ass seat just sounds stupid.) I was in the 7th row in section 116 - right next to the stage. The ticket was far better than I would have bought for myself had I gone online - that is why impulse buys are the best! But I have to tell ya that I love the Sprint Center - parking is far better than in Orlando, Miami, San Antonio, Los Angeles, Chicago - or really anywhere, the seats (probably more for their newness than anything else) are incredibly bouncy and comfortable, security and staff are pretty knowledgeable - or if they don't know anything, at least they're friendly, they have an open drunk-policy (I only saw two people escorted out - where FAR more would have been kicked to the curb had I been wearing the snazzy yellow shirt), and boy, is it shiny!
But more importantly, it was just an all-around kick ass show. Wish I had seen more of these guys:

They freaking rocked the house - their drummer is amazing - all around rocktastic! The only reason I didn't throw a hissy fit when they were done with their last set is because it meant Alanis was coming next:

I love her. There is no greater gift than Alanis giving me "My Humps" on stage. I'm sorry I don't have video of her harmonica or her fabulous hair swinging godessness, but I was too busy watching and trying to figure out a way to put her in my pocket. That is, if I could get my other hand out.

And really, it makes me laugh to think that Alanis is opening up for Matchbox 20. In high school, we used to go to Hard Rock at Universal Studios on Friday Nights to watch local rock bands play on the small stage. We would chill with our cokes on the hard wood floor and watch old(er - younger than I am now!) ladies swoon over the guys in the bands and make idiots of themselves. One time, I kinda dozed off during one of Tabitha's Secret's sets. My friends shook me awake when the lead singer started to sing a song about the bitch who fell asleep at his concert. That's right - about ME!! =D One can only hope in her lifetime to have a song written in her honor - "Lady in Red", "The Way You Look Tonight", "Tooti Fruity" . . . well, I no longer had to dream!

But, I have to tell you, they were dynamic and wonderful - and even their pop-y hits are well written and performed with passion and peppered with utter sexiness!

Rocks Stars - the lot of them. Consummate musicians across the board. Loved the show!

And if you're wondering what I took these videos with - I did end up buying that Canon TX1 I blogged about. It really proved itself last night and had I been paying attention to taking the pictures instead of rocking out, you could see how big a punch that little sucker puts out.

I hope you all can make it to the Meet Up - especially you who have never been! We need some new people to make fun of! =) Just joking - it will be fun and I'd like to get to know some of you out there who are cracking me up and keeping me updated every day!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Meme me up, Scotty

Okay, so Emaw tagged me. I'm supposed to give you all an account of a Twilight Zone Moment in my life. I've been thinking about it and I can't really pinpoint one moment. But there are some strange things about me that make me feel like my life is some experiment of evil doers who are out to creep me out, and I will share them with you to let you know how paranoid I am:

The number 1134 has haunted me my whole life. I am an avid reader of digital clocks - I can find meaning in any displayed time - military or otherwise (I also grew up in the time when pagers were all the rage, so spelling things out with numbers was a honed skill of mine). . . and 11:34 upside-down is 'hell'.
My mom's water broke at 11:34 the night before she gave birth to me (and who writes that time down in their kid's baby book . . . now, really!), the book Uchigikishu was written in Japan in the year 1134 (do you know what that means!?!), I once guessed that there were 1,134 jelly beans in a jar - and I didn't win the contest (do you see a pattern here?), after my roommate at FSU got pregnant, they moved me to the 11th floor into - you guessed, it - room 1134 (yeah, an ALL GIRL floor!), and this one time, I bought 100 dozen fake diamond rings (don't ask), there were a lot that were broken so I counted them to make sure I only paid for the ones that weren't - you guessed it: one thousand, one hundred and thirty four rings were intact.

Creepy, right?

I also get really scared at movies . . . not like Freddy vs Jason or People Under the Stairs (won't even watch those movies - I like my heart to continue beating, thank you very much) but like Schindler's List and Jurassic Park - oh, and Independence Day. I have a hard time separating myself from the action in movies - I scream for help, I run down the aisles, I hide behind the chairs, and won't put my feet on the ground in fear of someone grabbing my ankles and pulling me into their hell that I'm witnessing on the screen. I get a lot of people whispering that it will be okay, offering their hand to squeeze, or yelling that it's not happening to me . . . and when finally my nightmare is over and the credits are rolling, I get the joy of people staring at me or looking in my general vicinity for the crazy girl in the back of the theater.

I think the reason I get really scared at movies is the incredibly lucid dreams I have. Night Terrors is what they called them when I was young, and pieces of shit is what I call them today. I have reoccurring dreams that involve impending doom, my running away from it as well as my inability to find proper hiding spaces, made up prophecies from different scriptures, me sleepwalking (I once woke up in my front yard hugging the Magnolia tree). Even when I wake up from these dreams, I am not in reality . . . it takes me a few minutes to calm myself down - sometimes waking up Elle to cuddle with me (a 5 year old's sleepy jokes are SO much better than a teddy bear!). They don't happen as often as they used to - but they suck just the same.
One dream I still continue to have has these face masks - you know, the drama masks for comedy and tragedy - and they're supposed to represent some awful place where people go to die and then come back to life. When people fall in these masks - kinda like quick sand (another thing I've feared my whole life and dream about often) - they're gone for like 3 days and come back at their funeral to terrorize everyone that has come back to memorialize them - and I'm always the only one who finds a problem with them walking around punching, kicking, berating, stabbing and yelling at people - everyone else kinda just walks around with big grins on their faces and the drama masks are always represented somewhere . . . and its always someone I kinda know that is the one that dies - never someone close to me or someone who has died. Weird - I hate that dream.
And I always have dreams where I'm running away from something and trying to hide - those are the ones where I wake up the most scared . . . always before I'm found or before I am killed or right when I fall and can run no further.
I had a dream once where I killed my neighbor and someone was coming up the walkway to the house, but I couldn't get her body to fit under the couch, so I started chopping her up and putting her body parts under the cushions . . . so when this person came in, we sat down and visited and she left with a big blood stain on her pants - and I really felt bad about her pants, but not really about my neighbor whose bloody body I was sitting on.
I once asked my doctor what I should do about these dreams - he told me to have a glass of wine before bed. But drunk dreaming is even more dangerous . . .

I'm sure there is some dream interpreter out there that is taking this in and thinking - wow, this girl has issues. I'm here to say, sure - but, hey, you interpret people's dreams for a living . . . whacko!! =)

Strange things happen to everyone every day. I know that if I ever encountered a ghost or ever had some freaky thing really chase me - I'd be the first to lay down and wait to die. I'm a wimp, that's for sure, not a fighter. But I'd scream my bloody lungs out . . . cause, hey - thats fun!

Anyone game for a Chamber after hours event?

There is an After Hours event tonight at PowerPlay in Shawnee, KS. I like going to these things because of the wine and people watching - but this month it's at an entertainment complex . . . I'm sure they have skee ball if anyone's interested in getting their ass kicked.
It's $10 at the door for chamber members (if you work at a company that is a member, YOU are a member as well) and if you're not, we'll get creative!! Email me if you're interested.
I then am going to The Other Place in Downtown Overland Park for some NTN action and maybe over to Missie B's for karaoke. I'll be the girl all by myself having more fun than everyone else - unless someone joins me . . . then I'll be the girl kicking people's asses in skee ball, schooling them in trivia, and showing them up on stage. Dont I sound like great company?

My PhotoBooth is Empty

Will someone go kidnap this kid from Mexico and bring her back to me? She just cut herself some "bombs" so she looks really stylish.

This is going to be a long seven days . . .

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lonely blogger

My parents came into town last week and tried to go home today but the weather forced them to stay. They leave tomorrow back to sunny Florida and then everyone else leaves on Thursday for Mexico. I'm scared of my old, scary house - especially after seeing the Spiderwick Chronicles (the scariest movie ever!) last night - so keep me in your thoughts as you make plans over the next week:

"Oh, we're doing something fun and not scary . . . we should invite Sponge."

"I have a big, nasty dog that I need a house for for a week - I wonder if there's anywhere I can keep him . . . "

"Who is that ogre stalking outside that cute, yellow house? I should stun him with a spell and save the poor unassuming girl inside."

Or, at least dont TP my house this weekend. I get really jumpy and I know where the air rifle is . . .

Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's Official

KC Blogger Meet Up

Paddy O'Quigley's
100 E 20th Street (just east of Hereford House)
Kansas City, MO

Wednesday, February 27th
4:00 - ??? (Karaoke starts at 9pm)

There will also be Kansas City trivia - and kick ass prizes!!

This is not a meet up to miss!! Please post if you wish - but get your bootie down here!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Umm, a blogger meetup I can attend . . .

You know - because I'm calling it!!

You folks have two choices -

Thursday, February 21 at The Other Place in Downtown Overland Park for some NTN action - and optional karaoke at Missie B's to follow.


Wednesday, February 27 at Paddy O'Quigley's downtown. It's quite a boring bar, but they have big tables, its light and not too loud, and they have nice table taps that pretty much rock - OH, and karaoke that starts at 9pm if anyone wants to stay.

Let me know what works for you guys - maybe I'll do both!!! Elle is in Mexico that week . . .

And yeah, I'll go all by myself - but I'd really rather not. So come join me!!

I'm taking in all the happenings in Kansas City and saving you all the trouble . . . I'll let you know whether to soak it up or squeeze it out!!