Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's official - I have a parasitic growth in my belly.

Yep, I'm pregnant.

Whew, now that that's off my chest (well, really on it, cause - dang - these girls are growing), what else is new?

Actually, I've been waiting for 5 years now to be able to get to this point in a pregnancy and be able to tell the world. With Elle it was totally unexpected, as any pregnancy that comes with two forms of birth control usually is, and I kept the pee stick in my purse as a daily reminder that my life was totally over. Heck, I was 23, working in a bar, and working on a whole new body to keep up with Jeffrey, Mr. Universe over here. A baby? Now?! But then she came and changed my world in so many ways I could never have imagined, changed me as a person, and I could never be happier as she sucked the life out of my breasts and breathed new purpose into my life.

After a year's stint on Depo Provera, I would spend the following two years trying to replicate this little joyful package. To no avail. 'Keep trying, it'll happen' turned into 'let's try this pill' and then 'why don't you take a double dose' which turned into 'you need to see a specialist' and even better 'Jeff needs to see a specialist'. After everything, it turned out that I was not ovulating every cycle, and that Jeff, while his sperm count was high (yes, dear, I'll make sure I note that), had lacadasical swimmers (no surprise here). So, not a serious malfunction on either side, definitely not impossible for fertilization, but we would have to work on it to make it happen. So yeah, piped-in hormones, padded boxers around Elle, and thermometors galore later, I peed on a stick and got the digital "Pregnant" that before had shattered my 'life' - but that day made my world.

Before even my first OB appointment I had already told my mom, my sisters, my sister-in-law, my best friend (who was also pregnant), and thought of many cute ways to announce to the world that we were having a new little baby. I bought books, I joined message boards, I weighed myself every day. Barely even a blastocyst, and this kid inside of me already had room specs and a list of possible names and a mom so ready to be pregnant, so anxious to sing lullabies to her tummy, and have a baby bundle cuddled to her chest, and a little toddler to say 'sissy' as their first word. This time it was going to be so different. I was a pro, right? I had been taking prenatal vitamins since before I even went off birth control. I knew my body inside and out. I had read every possible how-to book and had even started a journal to my little unborn bean. Nothing could stop me from being the best damn mommy ever!

Except what happened next. My first appointment went well, and the doctor wanted to take a quick look by ultrasound to see if he could give me a due date. Well, it looked like my dates were off. I probably just ovulated later than I thought, because there was no fetal pole, just a gestational sac. Come back in a week. Oh, okay. A week later, there was a fetal pole, but it still wasn't looking like the dates were just right. Another week . . . same thing. A little growth, but not enough. No heart beat yet. I remember talking to Jeff - he was out of town for a science convention - and he reassured me that everything was going to be okay. I went to a Chief's game on that Sunday with Jeff's dad - who still didn't know I was pregnant - and went to the bathroom and saw all the blood. Told him we had to leave - not that he minded - and called Jeff's mom on the way to the hospital to see if she could keep Elle. (Not the best time to tell your in-laws you're pregnant, I must admit) Was diagnosed with threatened miscarriage and told to go home and rest. The doctor will call me in the morning. I couldn't bring Elle to school, so she stayed with me the next day. My doctor's office called and asked me to come in to just check on everything. I had to take Elle. She sat in the room with me while he examined me and asked the doctor if he could see my baby. Right before he sent me over for an emergency D&C. She sat in the waiting room by herself waiting for my brother-in-law to come pick her up and they whisked me away after signing papers into the OR and put me on a table with a big hole in it and told me to count to 10.

I don't know how long it took. I woke up in a room with a guy sitting in a chair close to my bed - I guess to make sure I was alright. I sat there for a good hour or 90 minutes feeling absolutely empty. Absolutely empty. It sucked.

I didn't have anyone to drive me home. I didn't have anyone to hold me when I got there. I couldn't share this grief with my little girl. I was alone. I couldnt' call my mom. I didn't want to talk. The next two months were horrible. The people who knew I was pregnant kept asking me how it was going, the people who knew I had miscarried kept looking at me with pity, the people who knew about neither would ask what was wrong. I went through every scenerio about what I could've done, what my doctor could have done, what my husband should have done. I spent time on more message boards - but these were not as fun, I sought advice but didn't listen to any of it, I felt stupid for missing something SO much that I never had to begin with.

Jeff never understood. I think men are lucky to live outside of that world, but also I feel bad that we don't always let them in. He just said we'd keep trying. That we'd have our baby. But I wanted that baby. I wanted THAT one - and he never felt the loss, it was just another bump in the road to him. It was a relief that we had gotten pregnant, now it was my mission to stay pregnant.

Over the next two and half years, I spent a fortune on pregnancy tests, learned all I could learn about cervical mucus (I know, it keeps getting better . . . ), got educated about my body and read horror stories and success stories alike, felt closer to Jeff some days, felt as far away as ever others. Would get positive pregnancy tests only to start bleeding the next day, would wonder for months in a row why I couldn't get pregnant and then realize you have to have sex to have a baby, would try to go on with life while totally distracted by thoughts of baby and how much I needed one, would totally forget for days - for weeks - that I did. I lost other babies, but only had one other D&C. Elle was such a joy, I was kind of resigned to have an only child. Reading about all these women who tried for so long and hoped, and even lost hope, of ever having their own child, I felt guilty and ashamed for being so greedy. Listening to all those women who call themselves Fertile Myrtle because they have 3 kids after years of sex with no barriers, or people telling me that I will have a child when I'm meant to, or seeing the crackheads on Cops who get one of their 12 kids back after selling them for some rock really became unbearable - and if you are any of those people, no offense intended, it's just not fun to be your friend. (Except you, crackhead, it's really fun to be your friend.)

But anyways, this has become a really long story when I just meant it to be a quick little note. . . it's nice to be able to say that I'm pretty sure I will have a baby in a little less than 6 months. No worries about heart beat speed, or growth rate, or ugliness (already the cutest little alien). This one came unexpectedly again, and I guess that's the way my body likes it. I'm due on my birthday, but if the baby's a day late, I promise to name it Margarita . . . boy or girl.

This internet thing is cool.

Yea!! I have internet. I can blog, and comment on blogs, and twitter, without being stuck to my little touch screen keypad that limits my editing capabilities and makes me sound kinda dorky. Cause, you know, that's why I sound dorky. Stupid phone. Now I have wireless internet that belongs to me, in my home, password protected (only because the guy on the phone wouldn't tell me how to leave it open - bastard), that works all the time and not from just certain corners of my house. Right now, I am writing this while sitting on the toilet.

No, really, I'm not. But I could be. The sweet smell of freedom.

Or something like that.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Watching the Republican National Convention, my putrid distate of Rudy Giuliani grew by the buckets. I always felt he was such a snake and if I had to watch him spurt his shallow campaign speeches through his fake teeth and 9/11 hubris one more time, I would shoot myself. Luckily, we don't have to deal with him for little more than a smirky speech every now and then. He is the one that started the little 'joke' about Barack Obama's experience as a community organizer.

He giggled and guffawed and his silly little audience followed suit.

'Yeah, really. What's a community organizer anyway?! ha, ha, that Giuliani - he's got a point. American people don't need people out in the community trying to help people, actually talking to residents, gathering qualitative information on the quality of their lives. We need more smug suits, sitting in frequently redecorated offices who need advisors for everything down to what kind of toilet paper with which they should wipe their ass. We need more people in charge whose only exposure to 'real' people are the hands they shake on the campaign trail and that lobbyist who used to live in their town. If our leaders were out actually experiencing what we do every day, how would they be there for the corporate interests, how would they make sure the lobbyists are getting the attention they deserve, how would they make time to reward loyal followers with their earmarks and continued employment.'

Then, Palin took the ball and ran with it - comparing her positions of mayor of a city with a population equal to that of my high school and then governor of a state with a population a little larger than Kansas City - to that of Obama's experience as a community organizer (in that lovely, piercing, smug accent of hers). She said that a community organizer has no real responsibilities. Which is a nice insight into what her opinion of 'real' is. Ask the residents who were given resources to find food, housing, jobs when they walk into their church or mission to find a community organizer there to help - ask them what feels more real. Ask the elderly woman who is picked up at her home and brought to the polls by a community organizer - ask her what real is. Ask the immigrant who is working hard to provide for a family here and at home who is confused and intimidated about rules in a city that doesn't speak his language who can find answers at a bilingual forum put on by these 'shiftless' community organizers - what is real to him.

In a world and a country where half of the population lives in urban centers and are dealing with urban issues - like housing, crime, infrastructure, education and transportation - we need a president who has some grasp on what is going on in our cities. We need a president who is not going to ignore race and class issues simply because he knows he's going to lose the minority vote. We need a president who doesn't mock those of us who work hard to make the lives of people in our communities better, who care about the village as much as the crown. We need a president who respects us a people - all of us - and doesn't try to twist words and force a divide between us and 'those people'. We need a president who is truthful about the change he wishes to make.

As wonderful and momentous as the day is that we get to decide between a black president and a female vice-president - it is sad to realize how rampant racism continues to exist. It thrives in the open, anonymous web, it thrives in the federally-regulated, proud talk radio, it thrives in the dark, private conversations with close friends, and it thrives in the most well-meaning of hearts. It is being used in this election, and will determine the outcome. Hopefully, America will prove to be better than the politicos give us credit.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Okay, back on the bright side . . .

Ten good things that have happened since I spoke with you last:

1. Elle's birthday party at the zoo. Super fun. My mom flew in for it again - she hasn't missed a birthday party yet. Such a good Nanny. My dad surprised us both by flying in and then they both got stuck because of the Tropical Storm. Good fortune.

2. Got a new little kitty - for Elle's birthday, but my best present ever! Dash is so cute - and a pain in the ass.

3. Got new glasses. Quite fabulous. Orange and purple frames with flowers - a little risky, I know. I walk the line of zany art teacher or great aunt Penny, but its a damn fun line to walk.

4. Got my tags renewed. You know, the ones that were due back in May. Got an inspection back at the beginning of June (already late, cause that's how I roll) and never got around to renewing my tags before I went to Florida. I've gotten pulled over twice since then and had my expired tags and Florida drivers license - both times left with a warning - even from the Leawood cop! Got a new inspection and waited in the fucking most retarded line ever in Grandview, MO for my new tags - but made a new friend.

5. Got offered a job and a free trip to Vegas. Yes!!

6. Resurfaced the driveway. Well, watched the driveway get resurfaced - but still. Quite a relaxing experience.

7. Cut Elle's hair. Chopped it off. At the ponytail. And it's fabulous!

8. Got my computer fixed. Got a new cover for my phone. Got a new charger for my computer. Had a fun day at the Apple store.

9. School started. Elle started 1st grade. Wasn't sure that was going to happen, but it did. Fantastic.

10. Booked a cruise for Thanksgiving week. Never been on an actual cruise - and now we're going with the whole family. Very excited! So, my November looks like this - Vegas, then Grand Rapids, then Orlando, then Tampa, then Ft. Lauderdale, then the Carribbean. Looking warmer than my September, that's for sure. Except, you know, that Grand Rapids part.

Life is getting better, that's for sure. But hey, griping is always fun in spurts.

This Life Thing

Does it get easier?

I'm not one of those people who gets easily overwhelmed, but golly - life gets crazy sometimes, eh? Things are going well over here in Spongeland, but it seems like there is not enough time in the day - and I definitely don't have to energy - to deal with it all.

And on top of all of that, it's getting freakin cold. Already. What the fuck!? I don't have clothes that fit - let alone warm ones. I love how freely I give my jackets away in June thinking that I'll get new ones by October, or you know, I won't live in a tundra come fall, but it never happens. I jaunt around town in sweats and nylon jackets for a couple months and then buck up and buy a freakin jacket. I do have my lovely coat from last Spring that I plan to bring out again - but as cute as it is, it's depressing bringing it out of hiatus so soon. You shouldn't have to wear brown until the leaves turn. Fucking fall. And all of you warm-blooded fuckers out there who are praising this 'beautiful weather' and the lovely breeze and the crispness of the air are really just making it worse - and pissing me off. This is not lovely. 10 degrees warmer - a brighter sun - less clouds (typing this as I look into the clear sky does seem slightly ironic, I know) . . . that would be lovely. Being able to shower without goosebumps forming the second the faucet has turned off - that would be lovely. Restaurants that don't have their airconditioning on 60 degrees - you know, just in case that stinking thermostat creeps above 70 again - that would be lovely.

Hi. I'm Sponge. Must have cleaned up some milk - cause I sure am sour today.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

TIme for a pick up line!!!

You know, if you were a booger, I'd pick you first.

Monday, August 11, 2008

It's good to be back

So yeah, have been back in KC for a couple weeks - well, almost at least. Haven't had time to do much but suffer through the hottest days of the year and enjoy some of the nicest - some during band camp, others laying out drinking some beer on my back deck. Left my charger in Florida, so haven't had time - or really a way - to get on this computer, even after I picked it up from the Apple store in a attempt to make it prettier and you know, work better. Elle is still in Florida for the next week, so I'm stuck missing her for a little while longer - planning her sixth birthday party at the Zoo for this Saturday when she gets back.

Just catching up and hopefully will be back on track soon to keep you all entertained and titillated once again. . .

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

There's no place like home . . .

Got all these tweets from the meetup tonight and realized how much I miss you folk - and Kansas City for that matter. Thought I'd chronicle a little of my adventures before I'm back on Saturday, and you know, back to the real world - where my responsibilities don't end at five. Most of the time I was working - around the state teaching camps, or working with my parents, or you know, spending time at the beach and stuff . . . but did get around to a couple fun things while I was here. My favorite was last week when I visited my friends Ariel and Hayden down in South Florida . . .thought I was going to dinner with Carl Hiassen, which didn't happen but would have been WAY cooler - but hey, I was hangin with the Little Mermaid, for dog's sake!! Went out for happy hour, had a barbeque at the house, went dancing a couple nights - but the best was on the last night, these two boys came up to me and told me they had been following me since the night before. They begged to buy me a drink and told me that they couldn't believe they were standing there with me - they thought I was a celebrity or something, it was hot! So, my only clue to all of you out there who are looking to start a fan club - just always keep an entourage of hot, young, gay men around and everyone will think you're famous!! What was even better, though, my three friends, is that that first night, when they first thought I was some celebrity, I had been dancing around in my big huge heels and acting the fool - as one should always act when wearing 4" sparkly fuck me pumps - and slipped on Ariel's recently spilled drink and slipped and landed right on my back . . . yes, in the middle of the dance floor . . . yes, landing right in the spilled drink - with my heely shoes straight in the air. . . BUT did I jump up really fast and hide in the nearest corner? NO!! Did I sheepishly stand up and pretend nothing happened? NO!! Did I X my body on the floor - in perfect rhythm and add two chest pumps for flavor - and THEN stand up and cross the floor and do it again in the other corner - never compromising the choreography! OH, yes - Yes, that is what I did. And that folks, is why I have a fan club and you do not. =) But actually even better than that was the next morning when I woke up in a puddle of now-dried confetti under me from all the crap that was all over the floor! Goodness, life is great when you can pretend to be 21 again . . .

Oh, goodness, and before I came back up here to Central Florida I did get to take a 15 mile bike through the Everglades that was amazing and overwhelming and just another reason why I miss Florida so much . . . (did I just say that?) More on this later - you know, like next month.

Hayden and I at the Bear-B-Q

Yeah, we're in love.

Not the president and CEO - but still, two members of my club.

The only gator I could get to pose in the Everglades (all the others wanted to do it on South Beach!)

Driving around, Miami style

At the beach with Jorge

Ariel and I in our first good picture together

Monday, July 7, 2008

Aren't We Cute?

Hey everybody. Yes, that's my new purse. Yes, those are beads of lovliness that are acting as zipper pulls. Yes, it even has animal print AND sequins on it. Yes, it is super cute and wonderful. No, you can't have it. And yes, that is the wall of the Super 8 Motel behind me in fabulous Mulberry, FL - from which I will be traveling to Bartow for happy hour at Chili's - the only thing in town. Two more days of camp here, then on to Tampa for a quick jaunt at the Apple Store where I will wait in line for my new phone (if you don't know THAT story, you have been missing out) and have another 4 day camp where I just get to boss people around and don't have to teach a damn thing. =) Wish me luck in my pursuit of a 3G!! I miss you guys - have a couple hours to kill so will be checking up on ya'll and dropping some comments. See you soon!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Soakin up the Sun

I can't really tell you what's up in Kansas City, because I'm not there, but I'll fill you in really quick with what's happening in my life. I have been in Florida since our last meetup - well, after a four day stint in McPherson, KS for dance camp with my team - have been teaching camps pretty much the whole time, really feeling all thirty of my years after a whole day of dancing followed by a night of drinking and then waking up to a morning of stretching and Zumba. I did go to Universal Studios with my family and spent Fourth of July in Palm Coast at Cinnamon Beach - lovely, lovely, lovely - watched the fireworks over the fort at St Augustine, walked around Old Town remembering my days in fourth grade when I thought that the Fountain of Youth was such a crazy idea - who wants to stay young?! - and enjoying my large, attention deficit, short-fused and crazy family. Said bye to my babies as they headed back to Kansas City while I remain here for the next 20 days - will teach camps for a while longer and stay for my younger sister's 10 year reunion. I have been sunburnt twice, and have perfected my mohawk hairdo, and can't wait to be back to see my peeps. Keep KC crawlin, and I'll see you in a few!!

Oh, oh, oh!!! Went to my neices' dance competition today where they won High Gold and Platinum scores and Kayla won first in her division and 5th overall - then celebrated by going to the outlet mall and finding a beautiful, wonderful, most lovely purse in the world!! Oh yeah, I'll take pictures and post later - never have been more excited for a purchase. =) Oh, and my mom wants to let you know that I have the best mother in the whole, wide world!! See ya'll on the flip side (and by flip side, I mean, back in the real world . . .)

P.O. (post oh's) - For those of you who I have taught how to cut the cheese, be prepared - it's already spreading like wildfire down here. Look for the single to come out on iTunes in no time!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Spank Dance (or Tatting Ass)

For my good friend, Nuke

In my last post, I confused some people with some lingo . . . I guess I really am too hip for this blogging business. ;) But tatting ass is what I have always referred to when discussing major dorks on the dance floor pretending to be behind a girl - or other guy - and spanking their ass, sometimes in rhythm to the music - but most of the time not. Some major douche bags do it to emphasize a point, sans dance floor - like, "Yeah, she really wants my jock!!" followed by the spank dance. I even think there is a handbook out there - revised for 2008 - that includes the steps to total douchedom . . .

1. Say, "That's what she said!!!"

2. Bite bottom lip and limply nod your head, cocked to one side.

3. Tat that ass!! (Remember - keep mouth slightly open the whole time - preferably lip curled to one side)

Some stupid - namely wasted - girls will try to pull off the same dance with their friends to make them look sexy at the club. But usually the front girl just falls over and the girl doing the tatting feels really bad and starts crying on the dance floor and wishes she had just made out with her friend instead, like every other smart slut out there.

Here's a video that showcases some guys making fun of another guy's Spank Dance. I mean, cause they are way cooler, obviously.

I hope I've cleared this up a little.

As for scratching records, here is a picture of some cute kids learning how to scratch records at a DJ camp in New York City

Now imagine the aforementioned wastoid pretending to do the same thing on his friend's bald head, adding a audible, "wicka, wicka" at inappropriate and ridiculous times in otherwise quite enjoyable music. Then pumping his fist and pretending to hump the seat in front of him.

It was awesome. Actually, I wish I didn't understand what the fuck I was talking about either. Life would be so much more pleasant.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Worthy Old Men

Went to see Elvis Costello and the Police tonight at Sprint Center.

Elvis started things out with a bang. Dance-able, singable, songs and great energy.

The Police were amazing. The lyrics of their songs have always held such meaning, and each song reminds me of a separate instance in my life when it was playing in the background. But tonight they held even more significance as I watched them flow from the lips and between the perfect teeth of a very beautiful man on a very large screen. Sting's voice is as crisp and clear as it always has been, even if he doesn't hit the high notes as he used to, and the music seemed very raggae-tastic (which may have been influenced by the doobie that was being smoked about two rows back). The videographer for the show was in perfect form tonight, and if this night isn't captured and sold on DVD, someone is missing out.

Great night. The annoying dude in front of me could use a clue (I would have paid him $20 to stop tatting ass to Don't Stand So Close to Me - and his bald friend next to him would probably have paid him $50 to stop scratching records on his noggin - total douche), and I really don't think they should sell flashing light toys at any event that doesn't include costumed characters, stories on ice, or boat loads of ecstacy. But it was a seamless production, the music was flawless, and the old men were hot!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Why you should give a shit about kids and their education

(I mean, besides the fact that if you enjoyed school, found it to be challenging and rewarding, or even at least a little engaging, then most likely someone gave a shit about yours . . . )

Neighborhood schools are an essential part of community development. They bring pride to the neighborhood as well as involovement into the school. K-8 education in one building means that kids and families grow up with each other for 9 years and develop relationships, they create longer and more significant relationships with the administration so that discipline problems are decreased during middle school years and better, more individualized guidance is given for high school choice and beyond, it gives the older students a chance to mentor and be a positive role model for younger children. They tie students to their edudcation, not forcibly, but naturally. Neighborhood schools and community schools are the trend in many urban centers that have been looking for ways to improve their student achievement as well as their family involvement, community contribution and overall learning culture.
With Anthony Amato at the helm of the Kansas City Mo School District, there were changes made and feelings hurt and personalities that clashed, but one good move that was made was in the direction of neighborhood schools. Right now, kids are bussed all over town to this school or that one, with no real effort put into creating communities of learning. Kids are at the whim of their parents jobs, or where they can find cheaper rent, or whatever else motivates housing choices. We have a weak sense of community in many parts of our urban core, families have no real reason to stay in one area over another. With the creation of neighborhood schools - schools we can walk to and pick our kids up from without a 30-minute commute or busride, schools that employ residents of our community, schools that reach out to families because they are accessible and close, schools that host neighborhood meetings and social events, schools that view my children as an opportunity, not a challenge - we are giving families a reason to stay in a certain area, giving kids stability and confidence, as well as encouragement to work through their own challenges and a place to do that. With neighborhood schools, we give kids a network of adults, authority figures, and mentors to help bolster their confidence in their own success, assistance when they are struggling and an incentive to stay on course.
With Marilyn Simmons, one of the main opponents to Amato, as president of the school board, many of the positive plans and successful programs of the past few years for the school district are at stake. Not because they didn't work or show promise, but in stubborn defiance of past leadership. Its wrong to do to our kids, its wrong to do to our community. I know there is a lack of interest, a defeatist attitude when it comes to our school district, but this is one program that is already in effect, on its path to fruition, that we can not let die. This immature bs is what keeps KCMSD from getting out of the rut of provisional accredidation, and our local image of failure - but its because we don't say anything and we don't know what's going on that they can do whatever they want without any public discourse - besides us saying that the school board is ineffectual. The school board members have proven to be very effectual at getting what they want and fighting their own battles at the expense of our children and their education.

(Here's to hoping Airick is making some friends!!)

Friday, April 18, 2008

I don't feel like eating - so why not FEAST!!

Name a color you find soothing.
Light butter yellow
Using 20 or less words, describe your first driving experience.
No glasses. Driving my mom's car. Me: "Is there a median?" Sister: "No" Big bump. Sister:"Oh, that's a median?"
What material is your favorite item of clothing made out of?
Main Course
Who is a great singer or musician who, if they were to come to your town for a concert, you would spend the night outside waiting for tickets to see?
Imogen Heap or Tori Amos
What is the most frequent letter of the alphabet in your whole name (first, middle, maiden, last, etc.)?
E with 7


My mom just called to let me know that my Aunt Jane died. She's been in Hospice with Colon cancer for some time now, so it was just a matter of time, but it's real now. She's gone. I have never been close to her, I've seen her probably 4 times in my life - the last time was last summer when I was up in Wisconsin meeting my parents after a trip to Chicago. We took a picture with her and my dad, me and Elle. Four generations . . . in my family of short life spans, this was quite a feat.

You see, she is my dad's real mom. She was 16 when she got pregnant (by a visiting German soldier) - and in the quintessential family secret story, she was sent to a 'boarding school' for a year and came back just in time to say goodbye to her older sister, Alice, who was moving to Florida with her husband, Bill, and their newly adopted baby boy. Alice, Bill and Jon would become the 'other' family - the one the rest of the Wisconsin clan would only see at funerals or special occasions. They bought some hotels in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea with Bill's sister, Dorothy. Little Jon would grow up living in these hotels, spoiled by the money the hotels brought in, eating dinner at the most expensive restaurants, watching his parents living the life of wealthy, popular, and out-of-control alcoholics. He spent many nights eating alone at the dock, or sneaking noodles from his Aunt Dorothy, pouring bottles of booze down the kitchen sink and wondering when his parents would come home. His only brother died at 11 days old. He was a very lively young boy, used to the best things money could buy - including clothing and gifts, happiness and friends.

In Wisconsin, Jane grew up and got over her lost baby boy. She fell in love with her sister Betty's husband's brother. Despite his strict Christian doctrine, he 'forgave' Jane her past transgressions, yet insisted no one was ever to know about this tainted past she had. They got married and had 5 kids - 3 girls, 2 boys. The family grew up among the other Quinn's - big family, tight family - and would sometimes remember to wonder about Alice and her little Jonny.

Grandma Alice told my mom the story of Jane when she went into labor with my older sister. She is still not sure today if it was because she was drunk, or felt the need to release the burden of this huge secret, or if it was in fact so that they would have as much family information for the new little baby. My mom was told that no one should know, no one should ever know, until Jane was gone.

My Grandma Alice died before I turned one year old. My Grandpa Bill got remarried and there's a whole other story from there. But my dad just carried on like he had since he was a little boy - by himself, being motivated by money and what it could bring him and his family. He never once told us he loved us without buying us something. He never visited his family in Wisconsin - he went back once for his father's funeral, 20 years ago. The few times we went up to visit, it was just me and my sisters and my mom.

Four years ago, he wrote a letter to Jane on Mother's Day to let her know that he knew . . . she never responded but since then she has sent him birthday cards and Christmas cards, and he calls her every Mother's Day and on her birthday. He found out that one of her sons lives right here in Lee's Summit - when my parents come to visit, we always go out for dinner. When they called him last week to tell him that she wouldn't make it through the weekend, he flew up there to see her. Jane's daughter - his half-sister he's never met, or at least doesn't remember - was in the room the whole time watching over her mom. I know he wanted so badly to say so much and to just hold her hand, but no one would understand why her adopted, half-nephew that they had never met would be weeping at the bedside of this dying old lady. They wouldn't understand his mourning of time lost, his appreciation for giving him a life she thought would be better, his goodbye to his final family member, and his acceptance of his life.

I am so sad for him today. I am sad that he does not have siblings to share in his grief, I am sad that he doesn't feel right going to the funeral, I am sad that he must be thinking of his own mom and dad that he lost so long ago, I am sad that I don't know enough of how he feels to even call him today. I leave tomorrow for Wisconsin to say goodbye to my Aunt Jane, a matriarch of my family, mother to my 2nd cousins, sister of my grandmother I never really met. I'll fly there with three men I don't know, who under different circumstances I would have grown up with, shared meals with, and most likely kicked their asses in Spoons. I will see people at the services who will ask me about my dad, who will wonder who I am and why I'm there, who will look like me, and who I will wish knew this secret I hold.

But it is a secret that will be buried with my grandmother on Monday.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Remember to Change Sponge Regularly

100 posts!!

1 year!!

New Template!!

New Title!!

Why Sponge, you ask?

Many times through this venture, I have been asked by my thousands of fans "Why Sponge? You're not yellow. You don't look particularly absorbant. You're not at all propholactic-y." Well, you know what, devoted devotees . . . I am the sponge because I wanna be the sponge!

I started out just being a commenter on a few local blogs - particularly The Kansas City Post, just after the primary city elections last February. I have never considered myself a political person . . . I mean, I did run a stellar campaign for Senior Class Treasurer that would go down in the books if anyone in high school was paying attention - but I do like the discussions that are sparked because of politics. I love listening to people who are passionate about their views - no matter where they lie or how wrong the are . . . and I empathize with those that fight so hard to be heard and am boggled by the political process and how it continues to resist logical justice. So when I set up an account so that I could comment on blogs, KC Sponge was the handle that made the most sense - I was trying to soak up all I could about the political and community scene in Kansas City . . . one I had neglected to pay attention to before, one that passed me by just as it passes so many people by that don't stand in the middle of the road and dare the traffic to run into them. And really, because I'm an attention whore and wanted people to say, "Who the Hell is this Fucking Sponge?!"

So yeah, this is my 99th and final post on "Law School Bound" . . . sad to see all those hits from people looking for hot law school chicks, or Obama's LSAT score, or 101 reasons not to go to law school . . . but can only hope that the hits for the new site are even better! Thank you all for reading even though I do a piss poor job of posting. Thank you all for being opinionated sons of bitches that make me reconsider my own thoughts and make me wish I had the time or commitment to write some of the amazing stuff I read every day - I wish I just had the time to keep up with all of it.

So, yeah, that's the Sponge . . . soak it up or squeeze it out!! See you on the flip side (you know, the tougher, more abrasive, usually green one.)

10 Things I Want To Do This Year in Kansas City

10. See the Southeast Community Center open up with programming that competes with the suburbs' centers.

9. Watch Airick Leonard West be voted into office and create real change in the school district and inspire others to make a difference against seemingly insurmountable odds.

8. Watch Barack Obama be voted into office and create real change in our country and inspire others to make a difference against seemingly insurmountable odds.

7. Get my degree.

6. Get a new car.

5. Have a big freakin party to celebrate turning 30.

4. Watch Elle graduate kindergarten.

3. Spread tolerance like an airborne disease.

2. Blog a lot.

1. Eat lunch in a new spot each week.

Top 10 Things I Did in Kansas City in the Past Year

10. Took Elle to Crown Center Ice Skating Rink and "What Do You Wanna Be?"

9. Saw Alanis Morrissette and Matchbox 20 at the Sprint Center

8. Brought my dance team to many competitions around the area

7. Attended the Viable Third Anniversary Party at Harper's 18th and Vine

6. Visited the new expansion of the Nelson-Atkins Museum

5. Saw Craig Ferguson at the Uptown Theater

4. Took Elle to Mattie Rhodes for Spring Break camp and went free after school swimming at the Tony Aguirre Community Center

3. Marched in the Brookside Parade

2. All my fun nights karaoke-ing at Missie B's, The Brick, and Paddy O'Quiggley's followed by many late nights at the Foundation

1. All my blogger meet ups . . . they've been great!!

Why I Love This Douche Schnozzle

Cause we're sexy!!

Why I Hate This Douche Schnozzle

Cause he's evil, right?!

Gotta Come Up With a New Title

Thought today was as good a day as any to change the title of my blog . . . still bound for law school, whether its today or tomorrow - but don't think it encompasses what my content is (which I still haven't figured out for myself - another reason to go with a new title - inspiration!) My url will stay the same because I'm still going to sue the f out of all of anyway someday (especially you, the D, for trying to negotiate DIBBS!) I welcome suggestions, but will unveil by the time my 9th post comes out! Who knows - maybe I'm violating all that is holy in Bloggeraut - but fuck it. This is MY blog.

My Favorite 10 posts

I wish I could write these everyday. But then I also wish I could have fried pickles every day.

My First Real Post

Hanging Out With Bloggers Remembering a Friend

My Fucking Bad Luck

Damn this Guy Must Have a Really Hot Brother!

My Kid Is Cute

One Day They'll Get it Right, Right?

I Like To Play Games

Umm, did I say my Kid is Cute - she's Freakin Cute!

I'm Really Good at Studying. I'm Really Good at Drinking Beer. Not so good at Studying While Drinking Beer. Or titling links.

Pick Me Up!

Post #1

Thought I would be able to publish my 100th post on my year anniversary (today!) but don't think it's going to happen. Well, I'll make it happen, but I'm cheating in a big way. But still - 100 posts, about 5 having any merit, is not a big deal, but a lot more than I thought I would do. And I definitely did not post about my journey to law school in more than one. But I have met some incredibly fabulous people and this blogging venture has changed my life - I have met new friends, found new causes, and fallen in love with Kansas City even more. I hope my few readers forgive me for superfluous posts this afternoon, but a girls gotta have goals!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

She's rubber, his head is glue.

Now I know why they use Chinese bodies in the Union Station exhibit - they save a bundle on latex.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Pick Up Line!!!

What winks and fucks like a Tiger?

It's not meaningless if you mean it.

My response to nay-sayers:

"It’s hard to kill a dragon when you stand alone with only your sword. It’s the ability to bring the village over to look at the dragon, talk about the dragon, and develop strategy to bring him down - that truly makes a knight noble. With the village behind you, your sword becomes sharper, your armor stronger, your passion deeper. You’re still only a small man against a massive beast, but from the masses you have encouraged a couple more to fight with you, and together - you are determined to bring him down. His aged skin is tough and his natural weapons are hard to bear, yet you penetrate his hide and scar his pride. You turn around with your battle wounds to rally more people and to forge more weapons. Because no matter how futile the effort seems, the dragon is still there.

And he’s eating our children."

Thank you, Thank you!!

Thanks to everyone who came out on Friday night for the Viable Third Anniversary!! XO, Spyder, Kanga, Jim Waldo, A Librarian and my lovely co-host Dan, represented Kansas City well as we celebrated a blogging venture not to be forgotten. Thanks to Tony, for linking on his site and then posting a skeptical review of Airick this morning to remind me once again why the fight is so important!
The party reminded me of how small Kansas City is - new friends know blog friends, old students know favorite teachers, campaign people know friends of bloggers. It also reminded me why I started blogging - this community is where people from all over town, all through the spectrum of race, class and gender, all across the political board, come together and have conversations. . . conversations I can't find every day and conversations that need to happen. Thanks for coming out!!

And, a huge thank you to Myra Harper at Harper's 18th and Vine! If you have never heard of Strange Fruit or sampled food by this amazing lady, please go to lunch out at Harper's and discover what is possible in the pursuit of healthy AND delicious fare!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Viable Third Anniversary Party

March 15th marks the one year anniversary of the Viable Third. In the spirit of voting with our dollars and supporting these businesses who are bringing vitality and variety to the third district, we will be celebrating with a Happy Hour at Harper's 18th and Vine on Friday night.

There will be some food and drinks and a chance to meet Dr. Robyne Turner and Airick Leonard West - the heart and soul of this movement. If you want to meet people that are doing things for our community today, dedicating their lives for the betterment of the children and citizens of our city, and want to know what you can do to help - or why they do the things they do - please, come out and share in the discussion!

Please share this invitation and become a part of the Viable Third!!

Im not dead - I swear!

Yeah, I kinda fell off the face of the earth - first Elle came back from Mexico, all in one piece, thank you very much, had some dance competitions, fundraisers, midterms, you know - craziness in a bottle!! Not to mention the fun times had at the meetup that had me moving a little slowly for a couple days. It seems a little late to talk about it now - Faith, Heather, Spyder, and Average Jane posted about the good times, and I can't wait for the next one!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The KU game will be playing at Paddy O'Quggley's tomorrow night during the meetup - good size screens up everywhere (in the restrooms as well, so I'm told) - AND we'll have tables reserved starting at 4 - so KC Bloggers will have some of the best seats at a downtown sports bar if you get your ass down there! (Not that KC trivia, my totally tubular party planning skills, the company of some pretty - ummm . . . quirky? - people and some fantabulously bad karaoke isn't enough to persuade even the faintest of hearts to bring their lovely booties down to the Quig!)

Folks, I'm serious. Get there.

Yes folks, he wrote a song about me.

Forgot to link and introduce my new bloggy friend, Keri Oke - you guys should check out her Lounge and fall in love. She's a cool chick - honest and funny! But anyway, I kinda convinced her to invite me last week to the Rob Thomas concert (oh, I mean Matchbox 20) . . . but things happened and she couldn't get back into town (yada, yada - I think you all just told her that I smell or something and she got scared - thanks a lot.)

BUT, I decided I was going to go anyway. I scalped some tickets off the street and got some kick ass seats (well, actually only one - but kick ass seat just sounds stupid.) I was in the 7th row in section 116 - right next to the stage. The ticket was far better than I would have bought for myself had I gone online - that is why impulse buys are the best! But I have to tell ya that I love the Sprint Center - parking is far better than in Orlando, Miami, San Antonio, Los Angeles, Chicago - or really anywhere, the seats (probably more for their newness than anything else) are incredibly bouncy and comfortable, security and staff are pretty knowledgeable - or if they don't know anything, at least they're friendly, they have an open drunk-policy (I only saw two people escorted out - where FAR more would have been kicked to the curb had I been wearing the snazzy yellow shirt), and boy, is it shiny!
But more importantly, it was just an all-around kick ass show. Wish I had seen more of these guys:

They freaking rocked the house - their drummer is amazing - all around rocktastic! The only reason I didn't throw a hissy fit when they were done with their last set is because it meant Alanis was coming next:

I love her. There is no greater gift than Alanis giving me "My Humps" on stage. I'm sorry I don't have video of her harmonica or her fabulous hair swinging godessness, but I was too busy watching and trying to figure out a way to put her in my pocket. That is, if I could get my other hand out.

And really, it makes me laugh to think that Alanis is opening up for Matchbox 20. In high school, we used to go to Hard Rock at Universal Studios on Friday Nights to watch local rock bands play on the small stage. We would chill with our cokes on the hard wood floor and watch old(er - younger than I am now!) ladies swoon over the guys in the bands and make idiots of themselves. One time, I kinda dozed off during one of Tabitha's Secret's sets. My friends shook me awake when the lead singer started to sing a song about the bitch who fell asleep at his concert. That's right - about ME!! =D One can only hope in her lifetime to have a song written in her honor - "Lady in Red", "The Way You Look Tonight", "Tooti Fruity" . . . well, I no longer had to dream!

But, I have to tell you, they were dynamic and wonderful - and even their pop-y hits are well written and performed with passion and peppered with utter sexiness!

Rocks Stars - the lot of them. Consummate musicians across the board. Loved the show!

And if you're wondering what I took these videos with - I did end up buying that Canon TX1 I blogged about. It really proved itself last night and had I been paying attention to taking the pictures instead of rocking out, you could see how big a punch that little sucker puts out.

I hope you all can make it to the Meet Up - especially you who have never been! We need some new people to make fun of! =) Just joking - it will be fun and I'd like to get to know some of you out there who are cracking me up and keeping me updated every day!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Meme me up, Scotty

Okay, so Emaw tagged me. I'm supposed to give you all an account of a Twilight Zone Moment in my life. I've been thinking about it and I can't really pinpoint one moment. But there are some strange things about me that make me feel like my life is some experiment of evil doers who are out to creep me out, and I will share them with you to let you know how paranoid I am:

The number 1134 has haunted me my whole life. I am an avid reader of digital clocks - I can find meaning in any displayed time - military or otherwise (I also grew up in the time when pagers were all the rage, so spelling things out with numbers was a honed skill of mine). . . and 11:34 upside-down is 'hell'.
My mom's water broke at 11:34 the night before she gave birth to me (and who writes that time down in their kid's baby book . . . now, really!), the book Uchigikishu was written in Japan in the year 1134 (do you know what that means!?!), I once guessed that there were 1,134 jelly beans in a jar - and I didn't win the contest (do you see a pattern here?), after my roommate at FSU got pregnant, they moved me to the 11th floor into - you guessed, it - room 1134 (yeah, an ALL GIRL floor!), and this one time, I bought 100 dozen fake diamond rings (don't ask), there were a lot that were broken so I counted them to make sure I only paid for the ones that weren't - you guessed it: one thousand, one hundred and thirty four rings were intact.

Creepy, right?

I also get really scared at movies . . . not like Freddy vs Jason or People Under the Stairs (won't even watch those movies - I like my heart to continue beating, thank you very much) but like Schindler's List and Jurassic Park - oh, and Independence Day. I have a hard time separating myself from the action in movies - I scream for help, I run down the aisles, I hide behind the chairs, and won't put my feet on the ground in fear of someone grabbing my ankles and pulling me into their hell that I'm witnessing on the screen. I get a lot of people whispering that it will be okay, offering their hand to squeeze, or yelling that it's not happening to me . . . and when finally my nightmare is over and the credits are rolling, I get the joy of people staring at me or looking in my general vicinity for the crazy girl in the back of the theater.

I think the reason I get really scared at movies is the incredibly lucid dreams I have. Night Terrors is what they called them when I was young, and pieces of shit is what I call them today. I have reoccurring dreams that involve impending doom, my running away from it as well as my inability to find proper hiding spaces, made up prophecies from different scriptures, me sleepwalking (I once woke up in my front yard hugging the Magnolia tree). Even when I wake up from these dreams, I am not in reality . . . it takes me a few minutes to calm myself down - sometimes waking up Elle to cuddle with me (a 5 year old's sleepy jokes are SO much better than a teddy bear!). They don't happen as often as they used to - but they suck just the same.
One dream I still continue to have has these face masks - you know, the drama masks for comedy and tragedy - and they're supposed to represent some awful place where people go to die and then come back to life. When people fall in these masks - kinda like quick sand (another thing I've feared my whole life and dream about often) - they're gone for like 3 days and come back at their funeral to terrorize everyone that has come back to memorialize them - and I'm always the only one who finds a problem with them walking around punching, kicking, berating, stabbing and yelling at people - everyone else kinda just walks around with big grins on their faces and the drama masks are always represented somewhere . . . and its always someone I kinda know that is the one that dies - never someone close to me or someone who has died. Weird - I hate that dream.
And I always have dreams where I'm running away from something and trying to hide - those are the ones where I wake up the most scared . . . always before I'm found or before I am killed or right when I fall and can run no further.
I had a dream once where I killed my neighbor and someone was coming up the walkway to the house, but I couldn't get her body to fit under the couch, so I started chopping her up and putting her body parts under the cushions . . . so when this person came in, we sat down and visited and she left with a big blood stain on her pants - and I really felt bad about her pants, but not really about my neighbor whose bloody body I was sitting on.
I once asked my doctor what I should do about these dreams - he told me to have a glass of wine before bed. But drunk dreaming is even more dangerous . . .

I'm sure there is some dream interpreter out there that is taking this in and thinking - wow, this girl has issues. I'm here to say, sure - but, hey, you interpret people's dreams for a living . . . whacko!! =)

Strange things happen to everyone every day. I know that if I ever encountered a ghost or ever had some freaky thing really chase me - I'd be the first to lay down and wait to die. I'm a wimp, that's for sure, not a fighter. But I'd scream my bloody lungs out . . . cause, hey - thats fun!

Anyone game for a Chamber after hours event?

There is an After Hours event tonight at PowerPlay in Shawnee, KS. I like going to these things because of the wine and people watching - but this month it's at an entertainment complex . . . I'm sure they have skee ball if anyone's interested in getting their ass kicked.
It's $10 at the door for chamber members (if you work at a company that is a member, YOU are a member as well) and if you're not, we'll get creative!! Email me if you're interested.
I then am going to The Other Place in Downtown Overland Park for some NTN action and maybe over to Missie B's for karaoke. I'll be the girl all by myself having more fun than everyone else - unless someone joins me . . . then I'll be the girl kicking people's asses in skee ball, schooling them in trivia, and showing them up on stage. Dont I sound like great company?

My PhotoBooth is Empty

Will someone go kidnap this kid from Mexico and bring her back to me? She just cut herself some "bombs" so she looks really stylish.

This is going to be a long seven days . . .

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lonely blogger

My parents came into town last week and tried to go home today but the weather forced them to stay. They leave tomorrow back to sunny Florida and then everyone else leaves on Thursday for Mexico. I'm scared of my old, scary house - especially after seeing the Spiderwick Chronicles (the scariest movie ever!) last night - so keep me in your thoughts as you make plans over the next week:

"Oh, we're doing something fun and not scary . . . we should invite Sponge."

"I have a big, nasty dog that I need a house for for a week - I wonder if there's anywhere I can keep him . . . "

"Who is that ogre stalking outside that cute, yellow house? I should stun him with a spell and save the poor unassuming girl inside."

Or, at least dont TP my house this weekend. I get really jumpy and I know where the air rifle is . . .

Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's Official

KC Blogger Meet Up

Paddy O'Quigley's
100 E 20th Street (just east of Hereford House)
Kansas City, MO

Wednesday, February 27th
4:00 - ??? (Karaoke starts at 9pm)

There will also be Kansas City trivia - and kick ass prizes!!

This is not a meet up to miss!! Please post if you wish - but get your bootie down here!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Umm, a blogger meetup I can attend . . .

You know - because I'm calling it!!

You folks have two choices -

Thursday, February 21 at The Other Place in Downtown Overland Park for some NTN action - and optional karaoke at Missie B's to follow.


Wednesday, February 27 at Paddy O'Quigley's downtown. It's quite a boring bar, but they have big tables, its light and not too loud, and they have nice table taps that pretty much rock - OH, and karaoke that starts at 9pm if anyone wants to stay.

Let me know what works for you guys - maybe I'll do both!!! Elle is in Mexico that week . . .

And yeah, I'll go all by myself - but I'd really rather not. So come join me!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I want to throw up.

"This idiot should have been the victim of the abortion he probably believes in! Sorry, but that's the kindest thing I can say about him."

Just read this in a comment on Little Miss Chatterbox's post on Bush's speech.

It's while reading things like this that I can really start to understand intolerance.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Weekend . . .

Went and saw Craig Ferguson at the Uptown on Friday night - it was quite a show. One of his writers opened up for him and was quite hilarious . . . but kept going back to stupid gay jokes that weren't even funny. And, he started out on stage saying, "Hello, Kansas!" The poor guy got yelled at by half the audience before he was on stage for 2 minutes. But Craig is freaking hilarious. I love him because he laughs at himself the entire time - just like on The Late Late Show, but even more so live because apparantly he was trying out new stuff. If he ever comes back into town, or you're ever somewhere and he's doing a show - go see it. Super cheap and worth every penny (and I mean that in a better way than it sounds. =)

I just wonder what they did after the show? I know they ate at Jack Stack for dinner - but where do people go when they come here for gigs and such. Does every traveling act see Kansas City as the Westin Crown Center and Barbecue? That would be a shame.

Anyway - went to the Mango Room for dinner and drinks and to watch my friend's band, Trio JooJoo. Molly has quite an amazing voice and they're there every Friday and Saturday night - go check em out and have some Fried Green Tomaotoes (ask for them without the sauce - or on the side) - Happy Hour from 9-close!

Went dancing at The Levee when she was done. It's always my favorite place to dance - the music is great, the atmosphere is chill, and you get a crazy mix of people - and nowhere else in town are you guaranteed a chance to dance to "Mustang Sally". I was told by one of the band members that I was the 'Dancingest Dancer' he had ever seen - don't quite know what that meant, but I'll take it as a compliment! Thanks, dude!!!

We then headed over to the Brooksider - cause that's what I do at the end of the night and I don't want to stop dancing. It sucked royally - the DJ downstairs always is pretty bad - probably because he's the bartender as well - but there was hardly anyone there. It just blows.

Last night, I met some friends at SideKicks and did some linedancing and two-stepping - but they brought out Madonna, Britney and Cher every once in a while, so did some rug cutting there as well! Super Fun times!!

After they closed, I headed over to the Foundation. I always love it there and am always amazed at the immense talent that shows up so freaking late. I closed it down at 6am (did I mention that I'm a rock star!) - oh, and saw my bartender from Friday night at the Mango Room!

It was the last weekend of my vacation and I guess I lived it up!! Back to the grindstone now, I guess. =P

Friday, January 4, 2008

Barack Obama

How can you watch this and not want this man to lead our country. I look forward to listening to him throughout the campaign process - even if he's blowing smoke up my ass - at least its smoke that smells good. At least he rallies people around hope - not fear, he gives ideas of unity - not superiority, he preaches peace - not war. If experience gives us more of what we have today - I say fuck it. I want the naivety, I want the hope, I want speeches I can listen to and smile - and not because I'm making fun of the man. And between a fake car salesman, a divisive hard-nose, and this man - I don't see that there is a hard choice to make.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Viable Third

Dr. Robyne Turner over at the Viable Third has posted a request to get the word out about the website, their mission, and our own personal commitments to as many people as we can. Don't have too many readers here, but implore you all to check out the website, and consider making your own pledge to support the most neglected district in the city.
I find this effort to be one of the most refreshing and significant challenges to all residents of Kansas City, and as Dr. Turner states in her latest post - it's a novel idea to a lot of us, but we're not doing much to support it or to further its message and impact. So, today, here on my blog - I pledge to only use my pickup lines in the third district! =) J/K!! I will find a community center or boys and girls club to volunteer in at least 2 hours a week - have tried in the past, but will not be discouraged. I do not buy much (except I guess gadgets!), but will purchase my gas in the third and try to eat lunch once a week there as well. That is my pledge. It's small . . . but important. And please, if you read this - go check out the website
and think about making a pledge yourself, and tell everyone you know about it.
Dr. Turner and Airick Leonard West are two people here in the city making positive change. I would hate to watch their efforts be thwarted by a lack of interest or us just reveling in novelty instead of action. Thanks!

I need a new camera

My camera has been really sucky lately and I need to get a new one. . .

I want a Canon because I love the picture quality and miss my old one, but I also want to be able to take longer video. I really like the TX1 - because its cute and I love fun toys and its small and it supposedly takes fine still phots and video.

Does anyone out there know about this camera or have one? Or do you have another camera to recommend?


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Does anyone else love NTN trivia?!

Where are good places to play in KCMO?


Okay - so this is a new year and I'm supposed to make resolutions and stuff, but I really have too many decisions to make, so resolutions will just have to wait. But I have told myself that I need to make time for writing more entries in my blog - I mean, for all you people out there! =) 2008 is a year where I will graduate, turn 30, and start law school - so some organization would be nice as well. And now that my kid's five, I guess I have to stop blaming pregnancy and breast feeding for my poor eating habits and flabby body. Being a student for the past 24 years of my life, and teaching at schools and in the summer for the past 10, I tend to look at life a semester at a time - so I continually make mini-resolutions every 4 months - one day I'll have to change that mentality, but for now, it works for me.
My parents made a resolution to get healthy in 2008 - actually, my mom did and will force my dad to go along - but I think its a good thing. My dad got in a horrible car accident about 8 years ago - structurally it ruined him, but functionally he was fine. He was in traction for 8 weeks and is now built out of metal. He has the worst dietary habits ever - he only eats hamburgers or steak or roast beef and mashed potatoes, french fries or potato chips - oh, and black olives and wax beans. Needless to say, this doesn't help him in the weight arena. He was 130 pounds when he married my mom, gained about 40 pounds in muscle when he was in the Air Force, and since he turned 30 - has gained over 100 pounds in belly. I get all my competitiveness from my father - he's an active man who is good at everything he tries, and likes everyone to know that, too - but now he works around the yard when he can and is run down after a day working with kids. He has this excuse now that he can't do as much - but doesn't understand how much easier his bionic body would move if he didn't bog it down with so much weight. Oh, I also get all my stubbornness from him - so it's not like anyone can tell him what to do. But I want my dad around as long as I can keep him. I lost all my grandparents by the time I was 20 - all before they were 70 years old. All before I realized how amazing they were, or could really relate to them as people instead of these nice old people that like to give me stuff. I want Elle to know Popopotamus (what she calls him) for more than the storyteller, chasing monster, and doting grandpa that he is to her today - I want her to have time to get the know the intelligent, kind, stubborn, frustrating, funny, social, and hard-working man that I have gotten to know and love and accept over my lifetime.
And so, for that reason, I am starting an online fitness contest with my family. Because its the one thing that we all relate to - competition - and the one thing that we can't deny, or debate its benefit. (Well, we could definitely find something to debate about it - I'm sure). And it's the one time I'm rooting for someone else to win.

I'm taking in all the happenings in Kansas City and saving you all the trouble . . . I'll let you know whether to soak it up or squeeze it out!!