Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Weekend . . .

Went and saw Craig Ferguson at the Uptown on Friday night - it was quite a show. One of his writers opened up for him and was quite hilarious . . . but kept going back to stupid gay jokes that weren't even funny. And, he started out on stage saying, "Hello, Kansas!" The poor guy got yelled at by half the audience before he was on stage for 2 minutes. But Craig is freaking hilarious. I love him because he laughs at himself the entire time - just like on The Late Late Show, but even more so live because apparantly he was trying out new stuff. If he ever comes back into town, or you're ever somewhere and he's doing a show - go see it. Super cheap and worth every penny (and I mean that in a better way than it sounds. =)

I just wonder what they did after the show? I know they ate at Jack Stack for dinner - but where do people go when they come here for gigs and such. Does every traveling act see Kansas City as the Westin Crown Center and Barbecue? That would be a shame.

Anyway - went to the Mango Room for dinner and drinks and to watch my friend's band, Trio JooJoo. Molly has quite an amazing voice and they're there every Friday and Saturday night - go check em out and have some Fried Green Tomaotoes (ask for them without the sauce - or on the side) - Happy Hour from 9-close!

Went dancing at The Levee when she was done. It's always my favorite place to dance - the music is great, the atmosphere is chill, and you get a crazy mix of people - and nowhere else in town are you guaranteed a chance to dance to "Mustang Sally". I was told by one of the band members that I was the 'Dancingest Dancer' he had ever seen - don't quite know what that meant, but I'll take it as a compliment! Thanks, dude!!!

We then headed over to the Brooksider - cause that's what I do at the end of the night and I don't want to stop dancing. It sucked royally - the DJ downstairs always is pretty bad - probably because he's the bartender as well - but there was hardly anyone there. It just blows.

Last night, I met some friends at SideKicks and did some linedancing and two-stepping - but they brought out Madonna, Britney and Cher every once in a while, so did some rug cutting there as well! Super Fun times!!

After they closed, I headed over to the Foundation. I always love it there and am always amazed at the immense talent that shows up so freaking late. I closed it down at 6am (did I mention that I'm a rock star!) - oh, and saw my bartender from Friday night at the Mango Room!

It was the last weekend of my vacation and I guess I lived it up!! Back to the grindstone now, I guess. =P


Spyder said...

Enjoy it now while you're young!

"The D" said...

Ferguson is by far the best late night talk show hands down. I just wish he was on earlier. But I DVR him anyway.

Foundation is the shizz too. Its the only bar that serves MGD in a can. I don't drink it but think the idea kicks ass!

GoodniteIrene said...

You ARE a busy gal!

Craig's been doing the same (but GREAT) material for quite a while now. Dying to know... what did he do that was new?

And thanks for the recap!

Erin said...

'Dancingest Dancer'
I love it.

I'm taking in all the happenings in Kansas City and saving you all the trouble . . . I'll let you know whether to soak it up or squeeze it out!!