Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Waiting . . .

Okay, we'll go macro - micro . . .

The economy kinda sucks, I guess - I've given up watching any kind of television because I can't stand the news reports on 'how to get through these tough times' dealing with everything from candy to port-a-potties, I don't read any magazines because I can't get away from reading about the Octomom or the Batchelor (and that's just Newsweek and Time!), I've whittled down my blog reading to only local peeps - and only when they're not talking about the economy, octomom, and the Batchelor . . . so pretty much, I've been out of the loop. I bought a new car in this economy - knowing that I was going to be unemployed by the end of this month - but hey, blind optimism seems to work, right? Our mortgage gets paid - thanks to Jeff - and I don't look at portfolio's in the first place - I'm for damn sure not going to right now. So, yeah, besides playground chatter about layoffs and job searches and becoming part-time-paid for full-time-worked, I'm not really much affected. Not that I don't care - but come on, folks, there's more going on in the world and its going to keep going on whether or not you have the perfect job, a house to live in, or even a way to feed your kids. If you haven't struggled with any of these problems before - welcome to the Real World (non-celebrity edition).

Obama has risen to prove everyone right - those that thought he'd change the world and those who were waiting for him to fail. I'm enjoying watching the show and hoping to feel and see the positive change he's working on.

A little closer to home - Kansas City is a mess. The mayor is trying to salvage his reputation by being pretty scrupulous with the budget - the thing he truly is good at - but he's sacrificed so much in the name of love, devotion and stubborn stupidity - well, maybe not stupidity - more like ignorance - and lost too much of his political and social capital, its becoming quite a disgusting show. But the council members are just so worried about seperating themselves from him and not making sound decisions themselves - I'd much rather have Funkhouser than at least half of them. It's nice to have 'real people' elected onto a council in a pretty big city like our little home town here, but then they get to the politics part, get a makeover, open a Twitter account - and screw it all up. No one is boo-hooing your part-time $55,000 salary job - get your shit together and do something for the city, do something for the people that you're going to be begging for a vote in a couple years, stop acting like teenagers and grow some fucking balls already. We don't have to give Jackson County $2 million a year to back up non-existent economic development that the stadiums supposedly give us. Sales tax and earnings taxes besides, what do these sports teams bring us - besides mounting infrastructure problems on I-70, whiney sports team owners, more beef-cake suburban residents and their sparkly wives, increased opportunity to show off our barbecue-laden body-image on a national stage, and some tired old sports journalists that bicker back and forth like wrinkled old biddies in the nursing home. Hell, if the teams left because - boo-hoo - we didn't give them their $2million - we might have a chance to unsaturate the sports event market in this mid-range, kinda-on-the-cheap-side town and get someone to agree it would be lucrative to bring a basketball team here and stop using us as a jumping off point for negotiations (thought I'd get a Clueless line in there somewhere.) And F-no, we don't want a freakin Hockey team.


People are still killing each other and we still give sweet deals out to the developers who know all the tricks because they helped create them. We keep killing our authenticity and local businesses to cater to out-of-town scumbags who we are hanging our confidence on as they bounce their balls on our backside. There are too many people who have possible solutions to all the f-ed up stuff, but no one comes together - and no one is really listening. We just gotta get some more consultants in here - yeah, that should do it.

Oh, and did I mention, its still freakin cold? Yeah, not happy about that, either.

(How come my updates are always complaintative?)

My job - well, its becoming quite tedious . . . I have gotten to watch all of Dexter and Weeds - thanks to - which are two of my favorite series ever - but I am very bored. Doing taxes I love, sitting around waiting to do taxes, I don't love. I mean the occasional crackwhore is always nice, and my stalker does come around every other day or so with new presents, but really, give me something to do, people!

Well - now down to my house . . . the bathroom re-do is still not done, my husband has purchased a new comforter set that would make any high school girl woo (and this is one time that I don't feel like a high school girl . . .) for our room which has needed an overhaul for sometime, our roommates are still here and making life fun - even when they lock the doors - who does that shit?, Elle has a DS lite that makes incentive and punishment equally as significant, I still haven't figured out why my cat is so freakin annoying, I have way too much stuff and far too much laundry to ever feel comfortable. I need Clean Sweep to come and solve all my problems . . . well, actually 'cause I just want the new stuff. The floors are going to get redone while we're in Florida for the summer, so I look forward to shiny new boards to skate over in my socks - and rug shopping will be fun, I'm sure.

I got to go to Florida for Spring Break and see my friends and family which was really nice. My mom threw a little shower for me, so I have all kinds of fun baby stuff to keep me busy - and remind me how close I am to having a little alien invade my abode. Not that the heartburn and high blood pressure and this whole peeing business will let me forget.

But yeah, its just weird sitting around waiting for a lot of things to happen. Many things will change over the next few months, the next year, the next two - and I'm not ready for any of them . . . but I think that's what makes life fun. It's like a surprise party every day - without the annoying decorations. Questions abound . . . but the answers around the corner are what keep us moving forward.

I'm taking in all the happenings in Kansas City and saving you all the trouble . . . I'll let you know whether to soak it up or squeeze it out!!