Sunday, July 29, 2007

I don't want to be a nerd anymore. . .

So, I just finally finished Harry Potter.

I'm done being a dork - it's so ungratifying.

But I would like to end this journey by giving you my favorite Pick Up Line for Nerds:

"Do you want to play math?

You add (+) the bed, we can subtract (-) our clothes, I'll divide (/) my legs and then we can multiply(x)!!"

Right on.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Nice to meet ya!!

Well, I survived my first blogger meet up with only a slight hangover . . . Im glad to have met everyone - especially Dan and emaw, my first friends and then faith (plus one), kel, the D, and Heather - hard core is all I have to say . . . we made it all the way to the breakout of the vacuum cleaner. Good times. Cant wait for the next one . . . now that I have more blogs to read, who knows if I'll have time to make it.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Kansas City Community Centers

I went to the Parks and Recreation office the other day to try to get some information on programs running in the summer, the new Swope Community Center, and the diving team for Elle. Now I didn't expect to pick up a comprehensive guide of the city's offerings like Blue Valley recreation department or the Jewish Community Center, I'm not upset that there is not a website like they have in Boston or even Detroit, and I didn't even expect a call back within 3 days from anyone for whom I've left messages . . . But when I did walk into the main office of a major municipal center that has a dedicated department with some nice parks, 2 fabulous golf courses (one appears in Gone Mild today), 2 great conservation centers - Discovery Center (okay, so that's a MO facility and not KC . . .) and Lakeside Nature Center, a brand new amazing water park, a state of the art 47,000 square foot center to be opening soon, another center dedicated to ice-skating and archeology, and summer camp programs that are unmatched by many in the city for price and quality, I thought there would be someone excited to talk to little ole me - a citizen interested in what they have to offer - especially during July, National Parks and Recreation Month!! But the receptionist seemed to be perplexed why I would be walking in to find out information (because the website kinda sucks, because people don't answer my calls, because I always wondered what was in these ugly buildings across from the zoo . . . ) and then slightly annoyed when I asked to whom I should inquire about my different missions and then pointed me to a wall where there were information fliers in a little display - a lot out of date, and most no more informative than what I could find on the web. I did learn about Free Fridays at the Community Centers last week and Free Swim Parties that are still going on and I got all the information one could want about the walking tours of Kansas City, if anyone is interested . . . - so the trip wasn't totally for naught. . .
But I just don't get why cities and communities don't spend more time on their community centers - they spend a lot of money building them, they hire a load of people to fill the offices and make some great programs - but it never comes up as an important part of planning or community development, or even a significant asset to tout. I remember introducing myself in my first urban planning class and announcing that my interest was in urban community centers and making them just that - the centers of the community - in order to spur economic development, a sense of place, neighborhood responsibility, trusted networks for growth . . . and just got blank stares. Well, where else was I supposed to go - it is the planners who map out development, who create ideas of space, who form the function of a city. With Public Administration, I can hope to bring back focus to the most elementary of city departments - the recreation center, the family center, the wellness center, the Community Center, and with my law degree maybe I can enact legislation that says you must give a shit about this. Right?
The school issue comes up when kids turn 5 in my neighborhood - people leave to go to the suburbs or pay for private school or home school their children. Elle will go to school in the KCMO district - that's not my issue. But I cringe everytime I think, 'wow, wish I lived in leawood so I could be close to all the cool things they offer there . . . ' Cool things are happening here - there's just too much politicking with the Board and not enough effort or support or importance put into the places that have the potential to trump the school issue for a lot of families out there. Give them a reason to stay and a way to show suburbia that we can do it better - or at least just as good. I mean - we can, right?

Friday, July 20, 2007

Yet Another Sponge-Worthy Tag

Sassywho has joined in the fun of tagging me - and this should be fun . . . I am to tell 8 secrets - things I have to hide - skeletons in my closet - facts about me I would rather you not know. Did I say fun, I meant to say that this should be scary.

1. I like to dress up like Charles Manson.

2. "Eye of the Tiger" was playing in the background of my first sex dream - so I get turned on whenever I see a boxing match, a large feline, Sylvester Stalone, the color red, those little "Tiger's Eye" thingies made from popsicle sticks and yarn, lace up shoes, hear a bell ring, watch Survivor, or put my cassette in the tape deck of my car for those long trips home.

3. I know every word to every song in the musical "Cats" - I was quite a loner as a child and would sit and listen to the Broadway soundtrack and pretend that these were songs about all my friends . . . always wished JennyAnyDots was my mom, that my last name was Mistoffelees, that Rum Tum Tugger would come and wisk me away (there's no doin anything abow-awowt it) to the Jellicle Ball where I could give Grizabella a makeover and hook her up with the hunky Macavity. Um, yeah, and I also know every word to every song in "Yentl".

4. I have kissed 131 people in my life - and have a list with all their names, well mostly names and then some entries only have descriptions - like "guy with green shirt" or "Mardi Gras '97 - 26" Was running a contest for some time there (frontrunner for 2 years strong, thank you). . . this was during the same time we started to take mini-thins because they were so much cheaper than food and we had just failed at being bulemic because we found out we weren't psycho enough to puke into little jars and keep them in our closet.

5. I like to refer to myself as 'we' when I don't want to own my own actions.

6. I have an alter ego named Rhonda who dresses in all (80's inspired) animal print and leather and wears her hair big with red lipstick and always has 3" gold heels. It started just being a fun way to go and have fun and kinda make fun of people who dress like her, but lately I feel sexiest when I dress like Rhonda . . . am I really that supressed?

7. I like to drink pickle juice.

8. I have written tons of really bad poetry that I must destroy before I die . . . I don't want Elle to find a stash one day looking through my stuff, and being so excited to have a peek into her dead mother's soul only to be let down. In the spirit of this grand reveal, I will give you one right now (written in 12th grade for a Stop the Violence! campaign at school):

Stop the violence. Stop the pain.
Instead let's just shoot up cocaine.
It's white and clean and really fun.
It is nice to everyone.
It's kinda like sugar, but not as sweet.
Or kinda like Pop Rocks, but not as neat.
Or if cocaine is not for you
Let's just sniff some Elmer's glue
Which is made from horses who kill mice
So doing this would be really nice
And that's what this whole poem is for
So stop the violence and smoke some more.

Actually, I like that poem . . . maybe that's my big secret - I have written some damn good poetry that will only be discovered and edited and published posthumously. With gems like that, would you be amazed? =)

So, I'm supposed to tag 8 people. I read about 8 blogs and 3 of them are out because Sassy has already tagged them (or is one) and the other 5, I'm sure don't read mine, but here goes - Mark, Erin, XO, Dan, Heidi, Jolie, Brent, and Joe - let us hear your secrets . . . if you dare!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I take slowly to being tagged.

Darren, my #1 fan, tagged me while I was in Florida, and I guess that means I have to tell you 8 things about myself that you wouldn't already know by reading my blog - but as I've said before, I'm pretty absent-minded and without some structure, don't think I'll get all the way through, so I'm using the more popular lists of four so that at least I have to follow something and I don't go and tell you all about my obsession with armpit hair or my absolute loathing of words like milk and armpit... so here goes:

Four jobs I've had:
1. Shot Bitch - actually, shot girl, but I always called them shot bitches and so when I applied, I put shot bitch on the application for position applying for - and so my manager always called me the shot bitch. And not so lovingly, either . . . at Iguana Cantina in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
2. Head Line Gluer for JK Finishing Company in Pine Hills (Crime Hills) - had to hide in the back room one night because we got a call threatening a drive by shooting. Everyone got mad because I was the only white girl and I got the head gluer position - but little did they know that I was just a damn good gluer.
3. Night shift Information Specialist for Radiology Department at SMMC. Best games of Spades I've ever played.
4. Assistant Director of the University of Miami Hurricanettes.

Four places I have lived:
1. Merriam, KS - when I first moved here, I thought that's what Kansas City was - this little suburban town where everyone drove Suburbans and shopped at WalMart SuperCenters or the mall and called Mexicans beaners and hated Jews . . . very charming little place. Was told Missouri was the bad part of town.
2. Apopka, FL - from 2nd - 12th grade. It means "The Big Potato" - I won a Poster Contest in 4th grade at the annual Apopka Art and Foliage Festival (Apopka is the Indoor Foliage Capitol of the World - check it out!) with my slogan - "Roots are Better than Fruits" comparing Apopka to NYC - oh yeah, folks . . . and later on used that same slogan to defend myself against a rather rude boy who was making fun of my hair.
3. Lauderdale by the Sea, FL - lived right on the Intercoastal and would wake up every morning and go down to the dock and have breakfast watching the sun rise over the ocean, go play pinacle with the old ladies at my aunts hotel, bathe in the sun and have drinks by the pool. I'm definitely living my life backwards.
4. Kansas City, MO - I freakin love it here. Live in Brookside - a mile away from everything I need . . . wouldnt mind living a little more north and if it were up to me I'd live right on the Missouri River in the First and Main lofts - but it's great here. There is a community here - people give a shit about what happens around here and even reluctantly give a shit about each other. It's small town in a big city. We've got problems, but look at all of you out there trying to fix them - or at least bitching about them.

Four Places I've been on vacation:
1. Schwartzwald - Deutschland - went on a trip with school and stayed with the most Americanized family I know - modern house straight from the 70's full of glass - right next to the goats. Was so excited to practice my German, but the mom of the family was an English teacher and loved practicing her American English. It was the trip where I was steeped in my liberalism then made fully aware of the liberties we do have here in america. Stupid girl at tho photo developing place developed all my black and white film as color and so I have no pictures from then, but I am forever changed.
2. Chicago - best weekend trip - by train - stay at the Hotel Allegro.
3. Orlando - Disney is pretty magical when you've got a 3 year old in tow - and free tickets! Sea World is my favorite and I never miss a chance to go to Epcot.
4. San Diego - always wanted to marry someone with the last name go - San Francisco, Monteray Bay - CA

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Jalapeno Dip from Jalapenos
2. Fried Pickles - no one makes them like Cock of the Walk Riverboat Restaurant
3. Hot Buffalo Wings from Gator's Dockside (but I am now a vegetarian who only allows herself pork on occasion, so it's a good thing these are so far away)
4. Sweet Tea - I know it's not food, but give me sweet tea and crushed ice and nothing else on a deserted island - I'll be in heaven before I croak.

Four places I would rather be:
1. Jazz Fest in New Orleans
2. Savannah, GA with my mom, my sisters, nieces and daughter
3. In Washington DC graduating with my law degree
4. At an Orlando Predators vs Kansas City Brigade Game in the Sprint Arena singing "Welcome to the Jungle!"

Anyway - that's all for now. I'll be revealing many more interesting facts in the future. I don't know if they will be more interesting, or if there will just be more of them . . . i'll get back to you on that one.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My favorite pick up line

OK - since some people may come here from The D's blog - because he just linked to me and because he's awesome, I thought I would give you all - and him (even though he may not need it now that he's betrothed to some Buzzard Beach girl - well as far as I know because he won't SPILL THE BEANS) - my favorite pick up line in the whole entire world. . .

"Hi, my name is Sharon and my friend Treece over there - yeah, over there with the big hair and short skirt - no, not her - the pretty one, anyway, she's really shy and she wanted me to come over and ask for your phone number so that she knew where to find me tomorrow morning."


Saturday, July 14, 2007

I'm taking in all the happenings in Kansas City and saving you all the trouble . . . I'll let you know whether to soak it up or squeeze it out!!