Friday, July 20, 2007

Yet Another Sponge-Worthy Tag

Sassywho has joined in the fun of tagging me - and this should be fun . . . I am to tell 8 secrets - things I have to hide - skeletons in my closet - facts about me I would rather you not know. Did I say fun, I meant to say that this should be scary.

1. I like to dress up like Charles Manson.

2. "Eye of the Tiger" was playing in the background of my first sex dream - so I get turned on whenever I see a boxing match, a large feline, Sylvester Stalone, the color red, those little "Tiger's Eye" thingies made from popsicle sticks and yarn, lace up shoes, hear a bell ring, watch Survivor, or put my cassette in the tape deck of my car for those long trips home.

3. I know every word to every song in the musical "Cats" - I was quite a loner as a child and would sit and listen to the Broadway soundtrack and pretend that these were songs about all my friends . . . always wished JennyAnyDots was my mom, that my last name was Mistoffelees, that Rum Tum Tugger would come and wisk me away (there's no doin anything abow-awowt it) to the Jellicle Ball where I could give Grizabella a makeover and hook her up with the hunky Macavity. Um, yeah, and I also know every word to every song in "Yentl".

4. I have kissed 131 people in my life - and have a list with all their names, well mostly names and then some entries only have descriptions - like "guy with green shirt" or "Mardi Gras '97 - 26" Was running a contest for some time there (frontrunner for 2 years strong, thank you). . . this was during the same time we started to take mini-thins because they were so much cheaper than food and we had just failed at being bulemic because we found out we weren't psycho enough to puke into little jars and keep them in our closet.

5. I like to refer to myself as 'we' when I don't want to own my own actions.

6. I have an alter ego named Rhonda who dresses in all (80's inspired) animal print and leather and wears her hair big with red lipstick and always has 3" gold heels. It started just being a fun way to go and have fun and kinda make fun of people who dress like her, but lately I feel sexiest when I dress like Rhonda . . . am I really that supressed?

7. I like to drink pickle juice.

8. I have written tons of really bad poetry that I must destroy before I die . . . I don't want Elle to find a stash one day looking through my stuff, and being so excited to have a peek into her dead mother's soul only to be let down. In the spirit of this grand reveal, I will give you one right now (written in 12th grade for a Stop the Violence! campaign at school):

Stop the violence. Stop the pain.
Instead let's just shoot up cocaine.
It's white and clean and really fun.
It is nice to everyone.
It's kinda like sugar, but not as sweet.
Or kinda like Pop Rocks, but not as neat.
Or if cocaine is not for you
Let's just sniff some Elmer's glue
Which is made from horses who kill mice
So doing this would be really nice
And that's what this whole poem is for
So stop the violence and smoke some more.

Actually, I like that poem . . . maybe that's my big secret - I have written some damn good poetry that will only be discovered and edited and published posthumously. With gems like that, would you be amazed? =)

So, I'm supposed to tag 8 people. I read about 8 blogs and 3 of them are out because Sassy has already tagged them (or is one) and the other 5, I'm sure don't read mine, but here goes - Mark, Erin, XO, Dan, Heidi, Jolie, Brent, and Joe - let us hear your secrets . . . if you dare!


Sassywho said...

omg, #4... I would have no clue where to start. kissing, there is no way i could keep track retro-actively.

"The D" said...

First the title "Sponge Worthy" tag hilarious "Elaine"

#2 I heard Eye of the Tiger at lunch on 99.7
The lead singer for Survivor now does the singing parts to the Bud Light radio commercials, NO SHIT!

#4 Hussy! hehehe

#7 I almost barfed when I read that, EEWW! Pickles and their juice are my Kryptonite.

Funny stuff ya got there Sponge!

Erin said...

Tagged again! Flashback to older siblings picking on me/rigging games against me...

BTW - what's your husband's band's name? Usually I stay indoors all day at Amelia (due to the people/heat) but I might venture out to see them!

KC Sponge said...

So, the D - you know you were tagged by Sassy as well . . .

"The D" said...

Sassy and Erin have tagged me if you think I'm going 16 of these your bonkers!

KC Sponge said...

Well - you have to at least do 8, silly. Now.

Anonymous said...

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Dan said...

Wow - this is going to be tough - but I'll give it a try today or tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

prolific blogging.....

Anonymous said...

I bet your husband gets a kick out of you. yee ha

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sweety said...

Wearing red lipstick makes me feel really sexy)))

I'm taking in all the happenings in Kansas City and saving you all the trouble . . . I'll let you know whether to soak it up or squeeze it out!!