Sunday, July 29, 2007

I don't want to be a nerd anymore. . .

So, I just finally finished Harry Potter.

I'm done being a dork - it's so ungratifying.

But I would like to end this journey by giving you my favorite Pick Up Line for Nerds:

"Do you want to play math?

You add (+) the bed, we can subtract (-) our clothes, I'll divide (/) my legs and then we can multiply(x)!!"

Right on.


emawkc said...

I hear a lot of Potter fans are criticizing the latest book because it contains a lot of spoilers.


"The D" said...

There's no way I'm using that one.

I'm taking in all the happenings in Kansas City and saving you all the trouble . . . I'll let you know whether to soak it up or squeeze it out!!