Sunday, July 6, 2008

Soakin up the Sun

I can't really tell you what's up in Kansas City, because I'm not there, but I'll fill you in really quick with what's happening in my life. I have been in Florida since our last meetup - well, after a four day stint in McPherson, KS for dance camp with my team - have been teaching camps pretty much the whole time, really feeling all thirty of my years after a whole day of dancing followed by a night of drinking and then waking up to a morning of stretching and Zumba. I did go to Universal Studios with my family and spent Fourth of July in Palm Coast at Cinnamon Beach - lovely, lovely, lovely - watched the fireworks over the fort at St Augustine, walked around Old Town remembering my days in fourth grade when I thought that the Fountain of Youth was such a crazy idea - who wants to stay young?! - and enjoying my large, attention deficit, short-fused and crazy family. Said bye to my babies as they headed back to Kansas City while I remain here for the next 20 days - will teach camps for a while longer and stay for my younger sister's 10 year reunion. I have been sunburnt twice, and have perfected my mohawk hairdo, and can't wait to be back to see my peeps. Keep KC crawlin, and I'll see you in a few!!

Oh, oh, oh!!! Went to my neices' dance competition today where they won High Gold and Platinum scores and Kayla won first in her division and 5th overall - then celebrated by going to the outlet mall and finding a beautiful, wonderful, most lovely purse in the world!! Oh yeah, I'll take pictures and post later - never have been more excited for a purchase. =) Oh, and my mom wants to let you know that I have the best mother in the whole, wide world!! See ya'll on the flip side (and by flip side, I mean, back in the real world . . .)

P.O. (post oh's) - For those of you who I have taught how to cut the cheese, be prepared - it's already spreading like wildfire down here. Look for the single to come out on iTunes in no time!!

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Nuke said...

Sounds like a rocking summer Sponge. Have fun, and we'll see ya back in the real!

I'm taking in all the happenings in Kansas City and saving you all the trouble . . . I'll let you know whether to soak it up or squeeze it out!!