Tuesday, July 22, 2008

There's no place like home . . .

Got all these tweets from the meetup tonight and realized how much I miss you folk - and Kansas City for that matter. Thought I'd chronicle a little of my adventures before I'm back on Saturday, and you know, back to the real world - where my responsibilities don't end at five. Most of the time I was working - around the state teaching camps, or working with my parents, or you know, spending time at the beach and stuff . . . but did get around to a couple fun things while I was here. My favorite was last week when I visited my friends Ariel and Hayden down in South Florida . . .thought I was going to dinner with Carl Hiassen, which didn't happen but would have been WAY cooler - but hey, I was hangin with the Little Mermaid, for dog's sake!! Went out for happy hour, had a barbeque at the house, went dancing a couple nights - but the best was on the last night, these two boys came up to me and told me they had been following me since the night before. They begged to buy me a drink and told me that they couldn't believe they were standing there with me - they thought I was a celebrity or something, it was hot! So, my only clue to all of you out there who are looking to start a fan club - just always keep an entourage of hot, young, gay men around and everyone will think you're famous!! What was even better, though, my three friends, is that that first night, when they first thought I was some celebrity, I had been dancing around in my big huge heels and acting the fool - as one should always act when wearing 4" sparkly fuck me pumps - and slipped on Ariel's recently spilled drink and slipped and landed right on my back . . . yes, in the middle of the dance floor . . . yes, landing right in the spilled drink - with my heely shoes straight in the air. . . BUT did I jump up really fast and hide in the nearest corner? NO!! Did I sheepishly stand up and pretend nothing happened? NO!! Did I X my body on the floor - in perfect rhythm and add two chest pumps for flavor - and THEN stand up and cross the floor and do it again in the other corner - never compromising the choreography! OH, yes - Yes, that is what I did. And that folks, is why I have a fan club and you do not. =) But actually even better than that was the next morning when I woke up in a puddle of now-dried confetti under me from all the crap that was all over the floor! Goodness, life is great when you can pretend to be 21 again . . .

Oh, goodness, and before I came back up here to Central Florida I did get to take a 15 mile bike through the Everglades that was amazing and overwhelming and just another reason why I miss Florida so much . . . (did I just say that?) More on this later - you know, like next month.

Hayden and I at the Bear-B-Q

Yeah, we're in love.

Not the president and CEO - but still, two members of my club.

The only gator I could get to pose in the Everglades (all the others wanted to do it on South Beach!)

Driving around, Miami style

At the beach with Jorge

Ariel and I in our first good picture together


Tony said...

Aw, fantastic photo essay. If it was there a single photo of Kansas City in there I'd link it in celebration. Instead, I'm simply going to wish you a safe and happy trip back.

Awesome post.

Cate said...

Sounds like you're having an amazing experience down south. Would have been great to have dined with Carl, no? He could have told you where all the dead bodies are buried in the Everglades. :)

Jazzfro said...

Who is this gorgeous lady in these pictures??? I think you're out of my league....

I'm taking in all the happenings in Kansas City and saving you all the trouble . . . I'll let you know whether to soak it up or squeeze it out!!