Thursday, May 17, 2007

Don't really use the word suck that often.

Have to skip the LSAT in June – already life is getting in the way. I am going to Savannah for a work trip – a very enjoyable work trip, but nonetheless work – and I have to be there by June 11, the date to take the LSAT. Tried to get a late flight out, but being Savannah there are not many options. Thought I could fly to Atlanta a day early, take the test there and then fly on to Savannah – but even that won’t give me enough time. It really sucks. I guess it gives me more time to prepare for it, but I was so ready to go and do it. Have been taking practice tests – been scoring in the 160s and 170s (okay 171’s the highest, but still . . .) – am ready to go. It would suck to wait another 3 months – but maybe I can work on my reasoning skills and work on getting a perfect score. Where’s the fault in that argument?

Still sucks. I’ll be in Florida for a month, Savannah for a week, DC for a week and at band camp for 2. Not much time to improve my score, really. And I’m studying to get my EA which is all during that time. Oh well.

But it’s beautiful outside today. That doesn’t suck.

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