Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Please ignore

Okay, without saying exactly where I work - 'cause I don't want you to all bombard the place with tomatoes or leave messages on my voicemail to shut up, or avoid the place completely (or send me flowers, either - that would just be embarassing) - I work in a quasi-community center on a quasi-busy street with quasi-cool people. I love my job. I get to develop programs to get kids involved in their community, their own health and wellness and the other people in the center. I went back to school so that I could get my MPA and maybe run a community center one day myself. It's important to me. I grew up taking dance, baton, cheerleading - name any other girly-activity, I was there! - at the recreation center in our town in suburban Orlando. I went on to a professional dance school and then after my first attempt at college, went on to dance professionally. I always thought I wanted to own a dance studio. But after many attempts at business plans that didn't have an element of subsidizing tuition, or peer counseling programs for teenagers, or added programming for kids that arent' interested in dance - or for the parents who are waiting for their kids, I realized a while ago that it was not a dance studio (well, not a 'Come to my studio where I'll teach your kid how to gyrate in skimpy costumes and make other kids feel they're not good enough because they can't afford my ungodly tuition' kind of studio, at least) but a place for everyone to be together and persue the dreams that they have - not push my own on the unassuming. I own a summer camp program for girls that I can't make money on because I have too much fun spending money on making it the coolest camp ever! I have about 15 business plans in the works for 20 different kinds of ventres that I know would be successful - as long as I dont have access to the check book. I have an entreprenurial brain - and a philanthropic heart. No good.
That's why law school is such a good choice for me. Number one, I'm a dork and need to be challenged and yelled at and unsure of myself. Number two, I'll meet a lot of people who may make a lot of money one day and that I can guilt into supporting my hare-brained ideas and/or sub-adopting one of my causes. Number three, because I will have a marketable skill to help organizations set themselves at a better advantage in the community as well as financially. Number four, I need something to take up threatening free time. Number five - did I mention that I was a dork?
Anyway, just needed a little vention (another new word for today . . .) Head hurts. Must sleep.

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