Sunday, April 1, 2007

Yeah, I guess I'm gonna do it . . .

So I got on The Princeton Review website today and took the sample LSAT - told myself if I got above a 150 I would apply to law school. Got a 168 . . . was pretty damn proud of myself . . . then I thought, shit, what did I just do? But I can't back out now - spent time on Harvard's website afterwards - I'm a shoo-in . . .

Why not, right? What do I have to lose, I mean, besides $150,000 and the most precious years of my daughter's life . . . my dignity, my sanity, the salvagable end of my 20's . . . ? But just think about it - after all the hard work - I'll be . . . a lawyer. Some things in life you just have to do . . . or I could just write a blog about it and fantasize about all the trials (duly noted . . .) and tribulations that I would encounter over the next 3 years and accomplish 2 things simultaneously - I would live vicariously through my imagination and get to experience all that I would be missing if I didn't do it - and at the same time (implied by the 'simultaneously', I know - but it just flows better to bring it up again) be relieved that I was missing all the crap I had subjected myself to in this imaginary life. But I think I would get confused and emotionally challenged by what was reality and what was just written reality which in reality is really false . . . so I might as well just suck it up and go to fucking law school. For everyone's sake . . . cause that's what we all need - another friggin lawyer.

You're welcome.

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