Saturday, August 11, 2007

School starts next week

UUUGGHHH! I hate summer - it always goes by too fast. And this is the longest I've actually been in Kansas City for Hell Season, so you'd think I'd want it to be over as soon as possible, but no . . . I could use a couple more weeks. Thanks.

So, I've been at band camp (yeah, don't ask) the last two weeks in this amazing weather - on black asphalt, nonetheless. I never knew I could sweat so much - and I teach camp outside in South Florida for the summer! - but I'm so glad that it's over. We went and saw DCI Semi-Finals live at the movie theatre after our last day on Thursday and for the first time ever I thought they could turn down the AC in the place. Ewww. But yeah . . .

We drove out to Chicago last weekend to meet my mom for a cousin's wedding we were going to in Madison. It was my daughter's first trip there and OF COURSE we had to go to American Girl to get her a doll for her 5th birthday. I have to admit - I loved it. I grew up being the girliest of the 3 girls in my house and loved dolls and would dress them up and pretend they were my friends and cry when one of my sisters would "hurt" them by throwing them across the room or using them for target practice. I think I did it, too, to have a special 'in' with my grandmother. Ever the suck up . . . But yeah, this place was amazing - while at the same time nauseating. But I'll just write to the amazing part - because at all times I like to hide my hypocrisy.

I was glad that she chose one of the Historic girls and not just the stylin' reproductions of the spoiled kids that will be taking them home. She picked Elizabeth, a girl from 1775 who is mischievous and aspires to be independant and funny at all times. Of course, Elle picked here because of her beautful pink dress and the fact that she was the only doll with earrings. But maybe the books will give her an added interest in Colonial America . . . we'll see.

We also went and saw "Wicked" - or as Elle likes to call it, "Wicked of OZ". It was a fabulous show - the woman who played Elpheba was amazing. I expected more from the choreography and Galinda was kind of annoying (even more so than she ought to be I believe) - and the $8 plastic cup of the absolute worst chardonnay ever left a bad taste in my mouth. But the Ford Theatre there in Chicago is breathtaking and we had the most incredible seats - hopefully Wicked's not there for too much longer so that I can see another show in that space soon. But I hope it's there long enough for you to get your butt down there and see it - but bring your own wine. =) Would have loved to see The Color Purple - playing at the Cadillac Theatre right next to my favorite hotel ever - the Hotel Allegra - tickets were sold out the whole time we were there. And the happy hour I love to crash at Allegra (because I can no longer afford to stay there seeing as how I have sent so much business their way and they have hiked up the price 300%!) was not going on because of some convention. Goodness people - give me a break! But Lollapalooza was in Grant Park and I finally got to enjoy the LED fountains with a kid that was actually little enough to not get stares, I enjoyed my first chocolate-covered strawberry, had my fix of H&M, got a lot of paperwork to send to City Hall to show them how to market their parks department, and didn't even go to a museum and still felt fulfilled as we drove away to Madison for the wedding. That is, until we realized it was 4:30. Bad move.

Oh well - there's about 16 more pages I could write about the last 2 weeks - and maybe I will in the future, but for right now, just thought I'd say it's good to be home. And inside.

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joeinkc said...

When you start school:

1. buy the Horne book for each class (if there is one).

2. buy a few emanual outlines for you classes.

3. As you go through your course, look up each issue in the Horne book. Using your case book and Hornebook, write notes about the case and issues you are studying for that week. Use the emanaual outline as a format. You should be able to create your own outline with just the casebook and hornebook.

After your first semester never buy another outline. Always make your own using the casebook and Hornebook. By the end of the semester you should have about 50 pages of typed notes for each class.

4. buy highlighters. When you read a case book highlight sections. Use one color for the cases facts and another color for the cases outcome.

I'm taking in all the happenings in Kansas City and saving you all the trouble . . . I'll let you know whether to soak it up or squeeze it out!!